10,000 Butterflies

Yesterday we met Esther for the first time. 

Before heading over to Mother’s Choice that morning I was attacked by 10,000 butterflies.  Not in real life because that would be a beautiful mess but that is what my stomach felt like.  There really aren’t words to describe my feelings leading up to meeting her.   Everything culminated with me in tears as they brought her into the room to see us.  A sweet little girl, more nervous than we were and definitely scared, dressed in traditional Chinese wardrobe entered the room in her care giver’s arms.  She brought with her a box of chocolates and handmade Hello Kitty card that she had decorated and written for us.


We spent most of the morning with her and started working on building a relationship with our little girl.
Without understanding everything that goes through the mind of a small child who knows that her life is about to change false expectations can be formed.  Thankfully, we have been prepared by our wonderful agency and did not expect her to immediately love us, want to kiss us, or treat us like Noah does us.  This will take time and work. I was ecstatic though when she allowed me to hold her hand a few times and fell asleep beside me on the way to the local county club. Because you know going to the local county club to play and dine in the formal dining room is a normal thing for a bunch of orphans to do…at least at Mother’s Choice it is.   It was a great morning and the beginning of a beautiful relationship with our daughter, Esther!

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5 thoughts on “10,000 Butterflies

  1. Kirby

    Aw! Reading this made me tear up! I love that sweet little card! I can’t wait to see a picture of y’all as a family of 4! 🙂

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