Gotcha Day

Yesterday was by far the most emotional day of our trip and quite possibly one of the must emotional days of my life.  Limited to typing on my phone I will save many of the details for another day when typing will be faster and writing less emotional.
Before traveling to Hong Kong I knew Esther was coming from a special orphanage… unlike any that I have ever heard if it.  One filled with amazing love, one on one caregivers, and amazing life experiences outside of the orphanage.  All of this helped to make yesterday extremely emotional… for Michael Luke and me.  Words or tears could not express to these women how thankful we were for everything they have done for our little girl.
I will share in detail more about her farewell process later but for now know that she is one brave little girl.  She knew without a doubt in her mind what was going on yesterday and said goodbye to everyone without crying.  Not because she wasn’t sad but because events in her life have made her strong.  Stronger than an almost three year old need be. She didn’t break down into tears until she was back in the hotel room with Noah sleeping.  She knew at that moment that she was never going back to her old life.  That she had left behind the people she held dear to her heart.  The three of us cried for hours.  At one time she even cried herself to sleep, other times reaching for the door, and not wanting to take her clothes off.  As difficult as it was yesterday it was the beginning of the bonding process.  Grieving the loss of her old life and finding comfort through her parents in her new one.  Through this all she has taken quite a liking for Michael Luke.  Asking for him when she wakes up, having special conversations with him when they are alone, sleeping next to him, and wanting him to hold her.


Part of me is sad that she is still resisting me for the most part but it helps knowing I have some pretty big shoes to feel and that in time we will have our special moments.

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6 thoughts on “Gotcha Day

  1. Mary Beth

    Michael and I prayed for y’all last night. I can’t wait to hear more. Praying she continues to bond and copes well with traveling home. I hope y’all have a bit of time to bond more before you leave. Thinking of y’all often!!

  2. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    Oh little precious girl! What a new and scary experience for her, but I’m sure she will adjust soon.

    My youth pastor and his wife adopted a little girl when she was about two years old and she also latched to the father for the first few weeks. She came around and loves her mother, but she has a special attachment to her father. It may be because she wasn’t around a man and he makes her feel safe.

  3. orphantoadoption

    I am fascinated that your darling little girl came from Hong Kong and not mainland China. We adopted our little boy from China and are working on adopting a second. Great blog, thanks for sharing!

    1. Krystle Post author

      You are welcome. Adoptions from Hong Kong aren’t nearly as common as ones from China but mainly because Hong Kong does an excellent job of taking care of their own. Meaning they have a very strong foster care system.


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