Lip Gloss and Hong Kong

We have spent the past few days bonding.  It’s going to be a slow journey but we are excited to see things heading in a positive direction.  Friday Esther said her final goodbye to her social worker.  The last link to her old life.  It was tough for Esther and much of the morning was spent, like Thursday morning, grieving.  One highlight for me was that she let me hold her yesterday while she cried and processed everything going on.  I loved it!


I held her.  We looked out the window together.  She let me rub essential oils on her feet.  And my favorite, she wanted me to put some pink lip gloss on her.  I mean what girl doesn’t feel just a little bit better after applying lip gloss?
Right now we don’t know much about Esther’s likes and dislikes because for the most part she is nonverbal with us and mainly expressionless.  Some of this is probably due to the grieving and the other is because her primary language is Cantonese with English and Mandarin being her secondary languages.  We do know she pretty much understands everything we say.  So that is at least helpful.  While we wait to hear more from her we find delight in the preferences she had that we do know about.  This girl loves pink!  I picked out some grey leggings for her the other night and she told me no and pointed to the pink ones instead.  Last night we bought her some shoes that she got to pick out.  They were pink! Every pair she wanted to try on was pink.  She is a girly girl through and through. Some of her clothes she came with could be worn to an afternoon tea with the queen. They are adorable.  I’m talking layers and layers of tulle on her skirts, ruffles, and embellishments. 


I’ve got my work cut out for me when I get back home and start shopping for her.  So she loves pink and dressing up and princesses.  She even has her own princess dress and princess shoes already. 
Another one of the cute personality traits I love about her is that she loves to brush her teeth…. several times a day.  I love this because I am the same way too.  Often times before I even leave the house in the mornings I have brushed my teeth two to three times.
Ok, now for another surprise part of our trip.  We are still here in Hong Kong!  According to our schedule we should already be home.  What happened? We loved it so much we decided to move here! Just kidding.  While we do love it here we are hoping to return home soon.  Remember the other week when I mentioned that we had our fingerprints done for something related to our adoption the day before we left Birmingham.  Well, mine didn’t clear.  Apparently they had trouble reading a few of my fingers.  So after a trip to the U.S. Consulate last week and a new set of fingerprints made that were overnighted back to the states we are just waiting on them to clear. If they clear and everything else is approved we are hoping to leave as early as next Friday and if they don’t clear we have a back up plan that should allow us to leave in the next two weeks.  Crazy right?
It’s a little crazy and incredibly confusing to explain everything but honestly we don’t mind staying an extra week.  There’s still plenty of the city left to see and who knows when we will make it back to Hong Kong again.  So while we wait we are just turning lemons into lemonade and enjoying our time together. 

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3 thoughts on “Lip Gloss and Hong Kong

  1. Kirby

    Loved reading this! I couldn’t help but smile when reading about lip gloss and all the pink! I can’t wait to see her and Noah in princess dresses having a tea party!

  2. Stacey

    Oh my goodness, your attitude about the layover is so positive!!! How did you find out about your fingerprints? Praying you all will back home quickly!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Stacy it’s a super long story… but basically some stuff got over looked by immigration. They approved us and then noticed their mistake a month before travel so we had to stay the whole immigration process over again with only a month’s time. We are really loving the extra week. I think it’s best for Esther plus we had always been a little bummed from the beginning that the Hong Kong trip was so short. We do hope to leave by the end of the week though.


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