Family Friday: Esther’s Birthday

Sunday was Esther’s birthday… she turned three!  We had been talking about her birthday the entire week leading up to her big day so she was more than ready for her big day.

For the most part it was a low key fairly normal day.  Not exactly what you would think of for a three year olds big day but the doctors had advised us not to have too much going on for Esther because she could get over stimulated.  So we planned a small (as in Noah, Michael Luke and me) party.  I decorated during the girls nap time while ML finished the play kitchen.  We wouldn’t be true procrastinators is we didn’t wait until the last minute to put the finishing touches on our little girls birthday present.

wpid-20140309_144515-624x468 wpid-20140309_144621-624x468 wpid-20140309_144539-624x468Oh, those little cups above the candles… they were a treat Esther introduced us to in Hong Kong.  They are little cups of “jell-o”.  You peel the wrapper back and suck the “jell-o” out of the cup.  We found a grocery store in Hong Kong and bought every flavor they had!

The funny part is that they are called “jelly”.  Which made it quite confusing when we would go to breakfast every morning in Hong Kong and I would ask Esther is she wanted jelly on her toast.  Of course she did!  She wanted to eat the jelly straight from the little packets just like these jellies above.  Haha!


esther06The princess theme came about by accident.  I picked up the cupcakes with princess rings on them.  Huge hit by the way.  They love the princess rings… mommy loves the icing!  Next, I found the princess napkins in my stash of party supplies.  Thanks mom!  And then we just happened to pick out a card with a punch out princess crown in it.  She loved wearing that crown.

And as for the birthday girl.  She was more than thrilled about her cake and presents… and so was her sister.


esther01esther03 esther05 esther04esther07

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4 thoughts on “Family Friday: Esther’s Birthday

  1. Mama

    The entire party looked soooo darling! Glad those napkins got birthday party priority!! Did not even know that was in the works! Looks like both sisters enjoyed the celebration!!!

  2. Kelly @ Corner of Main

    Adorable! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday, and the kitchen is so cute!

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