It’s the Little Things…

As we continue adjusting to a family of four, it’s the little things that constantly remind me we are making progress.

  • Esther freely hugs/kisses me and tells me she loves me.
  • Two weeks ago Esther let me lay down with her while she fell asleep (huge step)!
  • Noah doesn’t spend near as much of her day crying anymore.  It was tough those first couple of weeks when she was adjusting to sharing her toys, mommy, and room.  Not to mention the four molars she was busy cutting!
  • I discovered that the girls love riding in the race car/rocket ship buggies at stores so I no longer have to wait until ML is home to do my grocery shopping.
  • I also discovered that with two kids I really don’t mind having the person at the store push my buggy out and load all my groceries in the car while I spend my time buckling in two toddlers.  That in itself is a perk that keeps me returning to Publix. Thank you!

  • I’m learning how to shop with items in one hand and still manage to hold two toddlers’ hands with the other.  (multi-tasker)
  • Preparing supper before Michael Luke returns home doesn’t seem like such an impossible task anymore.  It’s still a huge feat but not impossible.
  • Esther has learned that she doesn’t have to scream and cry at the top of her lungs when she wakes up from her nap. She can quietly slip out of bed, as her sister sleeps, and come downstairs to see me.  Now if we could only master this for nighttime.
  • The girls made friends on our street.  I guess this one isn’t so much a sign of progress but just a huge relief.  I love that most afternoons they want to go outside and play with their friends.  It’s so much easier than trying to find stuff to keep them occupied inside.  We were getting a little stir crazy!
  • And finally our biggest sign that we are making progress…. Michael Luke and I were able to go on a date to see War Horse Sunday afternoon.  Alone!  It’s a month and a half earlier that what was recommended by our social workers and doctors but we felt like Esther was ready.  We prepped her all week. Continually walked her through the process of events and reminded her over and over again that we were coming back home. Even though we went to see a Broadway Play I told her we were going to the movies so that she could comprehend how long we would be gone (not very long).  When we first started prepping her she was really scared that we wouldn’t come back.  I reassured her that it would make Mommy and Daddy very sad if we didn’t get to see her again.  She’s so smart and brave!  She knew step by step what was happening Sunday and was super excited about my parents coming into town to play with Noah and her for the afternoon.  We asked my parents to watch them because they are the people she has spent the most time with besides us.  They were with us the whole time in Hong Kong. So anyway, long story short. They came. They spoiled.  The entertained.  They filled them up with sweets.  And Esther did fine.  Mission accomplished!
  • image

Adoption aside, it’s a huge adjustment for any mom adjusting from none to one, one to two, and so on.  Before Noah one of my biggest concerns was which would go first… the baby or the groceries into the car?  What would I do with the buggy afterwards?  How would I handle this if it was raining?  Just so I don’t leave youhanging, I normally loaded the groceries, returned the cart, and then carried Noah back to the vehicle.  If it was raining?  I made sure to park next to a cart return and normally loaded Noah into the car first.

Now it’s your turn!  What were some of your biggest concerns/struggles about adjusting to a mom of (1,2,3,…)?  And if your still waiting on the mom stage in your life what are your concerns… we all have them?

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One thought on “It’s the Little Things…

  1. Kirby

    I normally did/do the same thing as you when grocery shopping. It is much tougher grocery shopping with 2. I have only made the trip 3 times with both of mine, and Lauren is 7 months old.


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