Up, Up, and Away

Next week I’m headed to Salt Lake City for Young Living’s Convention.  10444010_10101185296822726_3012811096001052028_n (1)Earlier this year I became an independent distributor for Young Living essential oils (more on that in another post) and I have to say I’m loving it. It one of the reasons (besides Noah and Esther) that the frequency of my posts have slowed down here. 

Anyway, next Monday I’m flying out to Salt Lake City without my family.  Part of me is sad that they aren’t going and the other part of me is doing a happy dance because I’m going by myself.  You other moms know what I’m talking about.  It’s going to be an entire week where I don’t have to be a referee, counselor, nurse, and teacher (oh and throw in the maid) all at once.  I’ll gladly go back to after next week but you gotta admit a week off is necessary every once in a while.

Next week will be the first time that Noah and I have spent more than 24 hours apart from each other and the first time that Esther has spent more than a few hours away from me.  I think they will do great though.  Thank goodness for Google Hangouts.  Plus they are super excited that I’m going to learn more about essential oils. These girls love their oils. They are also excited that they made me promise I would bring them back a surprise. Airport gifts? 🙂

My goal is to pack everything into my carry on bag.  I hate have to lug a big piece of luggage around the airport by myself and I have a fear of my bags not making it if I check them.  It happened once on a business trip and it wasn’t fun shopping at Wal-mart late at night for something to wear the next day and then trying to make it through Pittsburgh without my GPS (this was pre-smart phone days).

Packing for a week in a carry on shouldn’t really be that hard but I’m a notoriously over packer. My dad trained me that way.  I remember going to church camp for a week onetime with five bags.  One bag was just for shoes!  I’m not sure why I felt like  I needed that many pairs of shoes for church camp.  Teenagers!

I don’t have a lot of style sense.  Honestly I wish t-shirts and jeans were considered dressy but I have learned a few things from Audrey at Putting Me Together.  She’s been such an inspiration to me on how to work my wardrobe.  To buy items that work with what I already have and to learn how to wear each piece more than one way.  It’s been such an eye opener for me and has really expanded my wardrobe without having to increase it in size. If anything, I’v been able to downsize my wardrobe. Which ML sees as a good thing.  So I’ll be pulling a few ideas from her for packing as well as this awesome post from Shop Girl Daily on “How to pack for a week in a carry-on case”.


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2 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away

  1. Shelia

    Great tips on packing! I hope you enjoy Salt Lake City. I traveled there about 5 yrs ago for a nursing conference – it is a beautiful city! One thing I noticed – their city blocks are MUCH larger than ours – most city blocks are 1/10 of a mile and theirs are 3/10 of a mile – it seemed to take forever to cross the street! It is a very clean city with delicious food! I felt very safe there too – I didn’t have a rental car and basically walked everywhere. My favorite restaurant was a family style Italian restaurant – I looked it up – the name is Buca di Beppo – delicious!!! I highly recommend it ! Have fun!



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