I Want to Talk About Me

I realize that often times I’m pretty open with sharing about our house, our adoption story, and my family but for the most part I don’t share a ton about me.

So today, in the words of Toby Keith, “I want to talk about me!”

Back in April I turned 30.  It’s a lot younger than I thought it was when I was five but all in all thirty is an adult number.  I’m no longer a teen or a young adult (even though I still look like a tween), I’m an adult.

That’s ok. I’m cool with it for the most part.  But there is one thing that I’m not cool with.

My weight.


I know.  I know.  I’m not over weight by any means but there is room for improvement with my body.  For starters I still lack six and a half pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I vowed I was not going to be one of those people who kept an extra five pounds or so for each child they birthed.  Well two and half years later and I fall into that category.  It’s time to change that.

It’s also been a long time (like since high school) that I’ve had a flat tummy.  And to be honest I’m probably more active now than I was back then… which means that my metabolism and my eating habits are what has changed.

Let me just be honest and say I love to eat.  I love fruit, veggies, fish, pasta, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, and sweets.  I’m pretty well rounded in my love of food.  I’m not a huge over eater but my selfish nature gets really upset when Michael Luke gets to eat a bigger bowl of ice cream than me because his metabolism is faster than mine.  It’s just not fair!!!

So here I am a couple of months into my thirtieth year and I’ve decided I’m going to make this the best decade so far for my body.  It’s time to shed a few pounds, work on some toning, and to feel comfortable in this body God gave me.  He designed and created it and I should be a good steward of it.

So, here’s my first plan of action.

I have started taking a capsule of peppermint and lemon essential oils twice a day.WEIGHT LOSS s v1.1What does this do?   These Young Living Essential Oils support your bodies digestive, cleansing, and detox functions.  Which means I’m cleansing my body of all the junk it doesn’t need and curbing my appetite at the same time.

I started doing this last Sunday and to prevent my body from cleansing too quickly I started out with 2 drops each of peppermint and lemon in my capsules.  Tomorrow I will up my dosage to 4 drops each of peppermint and lemon and stay at that dosage for the remainder of the time.

So how’s it going?  Well, I’m one week in and down half a pound.  It’s not exactly Biggest Loser weightloss material but this is my first week and I haven’t even made it to the gym this week.  Normally I work out on Mondays and Wednesday’s.  Maybe I’ll get back in the groove next week.  So, I’m pretty proud of half of a pound that I lost… it’s a start. Already I have been able to tell a decrease in my appetite.  I don’t get hungry as quickly and have been a little better at calling it quits at a meal before I finish.  I think that’s Michael Luke’s favorite part because that means he gets more food to eat.

I’ll keep you posted as my weight loss continues and would love for you to join me on this adventure if you are seeking to make this the best decade of your life as well.  Why shouldn’t it be?  Let’s make it awesome… and healthy!  For more information about my family and essential oils check out Color Transformed Family’s Essential Oils tab.


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