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The other day I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page.


(After the picture was up for the entire day I realized that my numbers were actually off by 110 million.  It is estimated that there are 153 million orphans worldwide.)

I posted it for two reasons.  The first being that on Tuesday we celebrated six months home with Esther.  A pretty big milestone in the Hong Kong Adoption world.  Her adoption will be finalized in court next Tuesday.  She will then become a permanent member of our family and  a U.S. citizen.  I may or may not get teary eyed just thinking about it.  Once the adoption is finalized next Tuesday I will finally be able to share pictures that showcase Esther’s beautiful face.  So, if everything goes as planned I should be releasing a new post sometime late Tuesday morning or afternoon.

The second reason that I posted the above picture is that Lifeline Children Services is hosting a 5k this weekend, R(un) for One.  R(un) for One is a fundraiser for their (un)adopted ministry that trains and supports orphaned children that will age out of the system and/or can not be adopted.  (un)adopted also works to bring the gospel to these children.  This is a ministry that Michael Luke and I love and support and are excited to be running for this Saturday.  When we were registering we decided to create our own team, Team Color Transformed Family.   I was a little nervous because I am such a pessimist that my brain started freaking out and worrying that no one would sign-up on our team.  Thankfully, that’s not the case but even if it had been that’s not the point.  We have enjoyed spreading the word about R(un) for One and (un)adopted over the past few weeks.  Through all this our team has managed to grow to twelve members strong (and hopefully more as we get closer to day).  I’m excited about this Saturday but don’t expect me to post any record times.  I started training for the race last Saturday and because I live the mom lifestyle and refuse to push 50lbs+ of girls around our hilly neighborhoods I most likely won’t do any more preparation before the race.  I do hope to run/jog at least half of the race. We shall see though. I’ll post pics of the race and our team on Instagram and Facebook so make sure you follow Color Transformed Family.

If you want to register for the R(un) for One it’s not too late.  Online registration is open through 9:00 pm today and you can always register on site the day of the race.  Race locations are in Birmingham, AL, Louisville, KY, and Fayetteville, GA or wherever you are.

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