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Things have slowed down a lot here on the blog lately.  I haven’t shared near as many design posts as I used to… and there is a reason why.  It’s because we really haven’t had time to do much of anything lately. There’s a list a mile long of stuff I would love to do but since early this year I have been captivated by Young Living Essential Oils and what they have done for my me and my family and as a result of that I have been busy sharing about them with others.  For the most part I have kept quiet about it here but that has led to a neglect of one of my favorite hobbies… blogging.  So occasionally I will be sharing about Young Living Essential Oils and how our family uses them. There will still be the regular family posts and the occasional design post but essential oils are a big part of our lives now and to leave them out of the blog would be to leave a big part of us out.

Do you ever think that essential oils are more expensive than traditional alternatives? Keep reading to find out the answer about DiGize.

Digize essential oil takes on your stomach problems.

DiGize won a place in the essential oils hall of honor for me last month and is back in stock. It’s one of those oils you just want to keep handy. Let me tell you why. Noah went to the doctor back in July because she had been complaining of her tummy aching. Before going to the doctor I ordered DiGize in hopes of avoiding a trip to the doctor.  The great thing about DiGize is that it is recommended for constipation or diarrhea.  So since I didn’t know what what was bothering Noah it didn’t hurt to give it to her. I would apply a drop to her stomach whenever she complained of her tummy hurting but ML and I were afraid she may have a food allergy and wanted to find out the cause of the problem. Well an x-ray and two hour wait later and the doctor let us know Noah had severe constipation. According to him it’s perfectly normal for toddlers because they probably aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables. His recommendation was to give her a 1/2 capful of Miralax everyday for a month. My interpretation of that was smoothies for breakfast and two drops of Digize a day. One drop in her smoothie and one on her tummy. Y’all we started that regimen and within two days we were seeing results and her complaining was gone in the first week! Take that Miralax. 

Now for the good stuff. Which is more affordable… DiGize or Miralax? If you are like me you probably guessed Miralax. Even though I love my oils I figured Miralax was probably cheaper than something pure and and natural. WRONG!!! DiGize is more affordable… let me break it down for you.

At my local grocery store Miralax runs 21.99 a bottle. If Noah were to have taken 1/2 a capful everyday that would have cost .36 a day. My wholesale price for DiGize is 32.75. Using two drops a day that costs us .21 a day. That’s fifteen cents less than Miralax! Even at the retail price of 43.09 DiGize is still only .28 a day. Don’t let the prices of these little bottles fool you because one bottle of DiGize is capable of a lot. 

Ok, you want another DiGize story?  Well, ready or not here goes.  Yesterday I was at the grocery store and it hit me.  Not the cart behind me or a tomato can falling from the top shop but that sick feeling that takes over you when you know you are about come down with something… quick.  I knew then that I needed to get home pronto!  So we checked out and headed home.   Me, being the slow learner that I am, planned to go home and just suffer.  I knew I had DiGize on hand for once the sickness started but my initial plan was just to wait. What was I thinking?  Finally my senses got the better of me and I remembered one of the first rules with essential oils is early and often.  So I applied a drop of Thieves to my feet and rubbed a drop of DiGize to my stomach.  I repeated the drop of DiGize to my stomach every fifteen minutes for forty-five minutes and by that point my sick feeling was gone. Thank goodness because ML and I already had plans for last night and the babysitter was already on the clock.  I stuck my bottle of DiGize in my purse just in case but I never needed it.  This my friends is why you should have a bottle of DiGize on hand.  You just never know when you are going to come down with something and life doesn’t wait on you to get better.  Another plus of DiGize is that I didn’t have to drink it like some “pink stuff” that I’ve taken in the past for upset stomach. I just can’t take that stuff or tablets.  They make me sick(er)… and they don’t taste good.  I would much rather rub something on my tummy.

DiGize is also recommended by Gentle Babies for mom-to-be’s and their nausea.  It’s one of those oil blends that has so many uses and I plan to use DiGize for my family if we experience stomach aches, food poisoning, hear burn, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, and/or diarrhea.

So come on now… don’t you wish you had an extra bottle in your cabinet? You never know when you may need it.  If you would like to order a bottle check out my Essential Oil page here on the blog for instructions or e-mail me (colorfuldroppers@gmail.com) and I will help you get your bottle ordered.  If you order a bottle this month and are a new customer with me (Independent Distributor # 1605099) I will personally send you a great mini-book about Young Living Essential Oils and some of the many uses for the oils included in the Premium Starter Kit.  So go ahead and place your order because I wouldn’t want to experience the stomach bug… or worse without it.



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