That Time They Said Goodbye

I’ve been married for seven years and “off the market” for over ten.  I really can’t remember how many years it has been since I was dumped.  Who likes to remember those highlights from their life anyway?

But yesterday I was dumped… not by Michael Luke. Are you guys crazy?

So what happened?  Yesterday Young House Love dropped the bomb on thousands of their readers telling us that they would no longer be blogging.


For anyone who doesn’t know them, Young House Love is a DiY blog run (formerly) by John and Sherry Petersik.  It’s about a million times larger than mine and way cooler.  Which  may explain why they actually make a profit off of theirs.  They are about my age (early thirties) and started blogging seven years ago… back before it was the cool thing to do.  John and Sherry are sort of the big name in DIY bloggers.  You know, the ones everyone else aspires to be.

Blogging was no easy task for them and typically consumed 12 hours or more of their day while also raising two little ones and a chihuahua.  It’s easy to see how they would tire of it and need a break.  That’s pretty much how I felt last month with everything else we had going on in our life left up grasping for free time and that was just month.  I can’t imagine my life being that busy for years on end.  Maybe that means full time blogging isn’t for me.  That’s ok because I don’t mind this full time mommy gig too much.

I completely understand the need for a career change. It’s just sad to get to know someone, their house, and their family so well and then all of a sudden find out you will never hear from them again.  You will never know what their house looks like once it’s completely renovated.  Never know what quirky thing Clara (their daughter) is up to. Or what new career paths they choose.

I felt like they left us hanging with the whole “its not you, it’s me line.” But even if it’s true we would still like a Christmas card, postcard, or virtual scrapbook to keep up with them from time to time. Is that too much to ask?

Most of you are probably like, “ok Krystle you need to get over this and pronto.” Lol! I will.  I promise.   Maybe in this TMZ culture that we live in we have come to expect too much from people’s private lives.  I’m not really sure.  All i know is that when you read about someone several times a week for years you really feel like you get to know them… even if they barely know you exist.  Kind of like you got real sad after the last episode of Friends, or after you finished Pride & Prejudice and you realize that is where your life with Mr. Darcy ends.

It’s just made me realize that while my audience may not be as large as their’s, I do cherish my readers and hope that if there ever comes a time when my blog needs to come to an end that I let you know gently.  I don’t see that happening anytime soon though.  We’ve got way too much to do around this little house and I look forward to sharing it and all our family adventures with you.

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2 thoughts on “That Time They Said Goodbye

    1. Krystle Post author

      I was completely bummed because theirs was the first blog I started reading regularly. I loved reading it so much that that’s why I decided to start blogging. 🙂


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