In Awe of Christmas

My girls are in awe of Christmas this year.  They are eagerly waiting on Christmas Day, but then again what kid isn’t?  Mine however aren’t dreaming of what Santa will bring them or that cool new toy that they circled in the JCPenney’s catalog scanned at Toy R’ Us..  Why?  Are we one of those families that ignores him? That spoils the fun for our kids?  No.

Santa will visit our girls.  Just like in A Visit from St. Nicholas (or as many of us know it The Night Before Christmas), their stockings will be hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas will soon be there.  Those hopes really won’t be fostered until just before bedtime on Christmas Eve though.

You see, as of right now our girls have no idea that “Santa” actually visits them.  They know nothing of a naughty or nice list or letters mailed to the big guy so that their every wish may be fulfilled.  When people ask them, “Are you ready for Santa?” or “What’s Santa going to bring you?,” they just stare back at them. To them Santa is no different than Dora or Princess Sofia… well except that he’s a boy with a beard.  So yeah, they are ready for Santa about as much as they are ready to watch Princess Sofia on Disney Channel.  We see him out and about. We see him on commercials. We recognize that he is a part of Christmas… he’s just not OUR Christmas.

Do Michael Luke and I think he is bad?  No!  Do we judge you for showering your kids with gifts through the alias of Santa?  No!  I’m just sharing with you how we choose to celebrate Christmas.  Do I think my girls will look back and think they missed out? No, Christmas is a big deal to them!  Choosing to celebrate this way is easy now since they are still toddlers, and we imagine as they get older and their friends start talking more and more about Santa, it will become more of a challenge for us.

christmas tree 2011

Christmas for my girls is about celebrating the birth of Jesus.  We have been in full party planning mode preparing for the big celebration on Christmas day.  Our house is decorated for the big event. The menu is being planned.  There will be birthday cake, special meals, and presents.  Of course, Esther has wondered who will eat first since Jesus isn’t actually here to eat his slice first.  Maybe I should let her have the honor.

Almost everyday at nap time my girls request that I read the Christmas story.  We have heard about the birth of Jesus from third person, from a lamb, an ox, and who knows what else?  Playtime sometimes revolves around them pretending to be Mary and Joseph and their teddy bears playing the role of Jesus. I have been given the role of the shepherd watching over my flock (of clothes) in my bedroom.  Go figure.

Presents are given because of the wonderful gift that God gave us through his son Jesus.  The girls expect nothing but are learning to be joyful givers and that “every good and perfect gift comes from above.” Today they each go shopping for one item for each other, even though their list for each other is probably half a mile long.  We would have done it sooner, but it’s really going to be a stretch to keep their lips sealed on what they chose until Christmas day.  We will see how that goes!

The girls have learned several Christmas carols like “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” and “Jingle Bells,” but they can’t tell you the words to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.”  I’m not saying they won’t ever learn it or that I forbid them from listening to it.  I’m not going to be the mom that gets upset if you sing them around my girls or gives them something with Santa on it.  They like the guy.

Like most kids he will visit my girls on Christmas Eve and will leave them presents.  Their stockings hung by the chimney with care will be filled with goodies from “Santa” on Christmas morning, and we will enjoy the happiness of watching them pull out each gift. But it won’t be what my girls have waited weeks for, and that’s ok with us.


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