Our First 2015 Adventure

Each year brings new and exciting adventures (like this and this back in 2014), and 2015 looks like it will have several in store for our family.

One 2015 adventure for us has been in the works for about six months now.  I would have shared it with you way back when, but then I would have needed to have posted revisions almost weekly to the original announcement.  Ok, so now that your curiosity is a little bit peaked, I’m sure you are thinking… “So what is this adventure?”


We are moving!

Not like moving down the street or across town but moving away from Alabama.  Leaving Alabama makes us sad; and believe me, if we could just pick our little townhouse and neighborhood up and move it with us, we would.  Don’t think we haven’t thought about it.

So where are we going?  Well, after years of waiting and completely giving God a blank check with our lives… we basically just left if up to Him and told Him to lead us where he wanted us.  So over the course of a couple of years, he has repeatedly opened doors for us in Memphis.  There were too many connections and happenings going on for us to completely ignore it.  Finally, last summer we felt like God was calling us to Memphis.  As much of a relief as it was to finally know where God wanted us, next came trying to pin point specific areas in and around Memphis to live.  Talk about brain overload.  But leave it to God to open a few more doors and make that answer clear as well.  Whew!  At the beginning of February, our family will be moving to Collierville, TN.

Like I said earlier, the whole “moving” part has been in the works for the past six months.  After waiting years to hear from God about where he wanted us to move, we got really excited when we felt that he was leading us to the Memphis area.  One week, our excitement, along with a host of other things, would put us in full force “let’s move” mode. I’m talking packing boxes, prepping the house to sale, the whole works! And then all of a sudden it would hit us, and we would decide maybe we need to give this a few months.

It’s all complicated and confusing and to even begin to explain would take a host of posts, so I’ll spare you all the week to week details.  Sometime during the Fall, we gave up and just decided to give the whole thing to God.  No sooner than a day after doing this, another door opened in Collierville.  One we couldn’t ignore.  So we began to look at our timeline of events and knew that we needed to at least stay in Birmingham until after Esther’s surgeries… which pretty much took us to the end of the year.  We began making plans to move soon after the new year.

Last week, ML put in his resignation at St. Vincent’s East (one of the reasons we haven’t publicly shared the news before now). Tomorrow, our first truck load of moving boxes leaves for Memphis, and later this week, ML has several interviews lined up with hospitals in the Memphis area. To say the least, things are a little crazy. Which is why this project was put on hold until we relocate.

I’ll save a whole other post for our plans for relocating to Collierville.  In the meantime, I’m sort of an emotional momma. I packed up our Christmas decorations last week for the last time in this house.  Two nights ago, we removed my green rocking chair from the girl’s room upstairs.  I think I will miss that room most because that’s where I initially spent so much time with Noah and then with Esther.  Sniff. Sniff.

This coming weekend we will finish our preparations to put our house on the market.  What?  You thought we might have already done that?  We are procrastinators remember!  Besides, we had to get some of this extra furniture out of the house, so we could stage it properly.  I’ve been busy pinning all kinds of ideas to my Home Staging board on Pinterest.  In the meantime, follow us on Instagram as we begin to include you on all the packing adventures and trips down memory lane.

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