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We spent part of our time last week in Memphis.  Michael Luke had three interviews… that went really well, and the girls and I hung out at his parents house for a few days.  One of the perks of moving to the Memphis area is that we will be within about an hour of each of our parents.  Let’s just say that makes for some happy grandparents.

Things have been so busy around our place that I had not had time to tackle one of the DIY gifts I wanted to give our girls for Christmas.  Back in December I found this Frozen fabric at Jo-Ann.upclose of pillowcase


I’m not really one for character prints, especially as part of the bedroom decor… that’s why their bedding is bold solids but when I saw this fabric I just had to have it.

First, it’s Frozen and unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past year and a half you know that Anna and Elsa are the biggest celebrities in the eyes of little girls.  And what proper fan doesn’t want their favorite celebrity’s picture everywhere?  Like underwear, dresses, dolls, stickers, and a pilowcase.  I’m so glad we don’t carry this trait with us into adulthood.  I mean ML knows that Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and all but it just might weird him out a little to see me sleeping peacefully on the face of Captain Jack Sparrow or a nightshirt with Johnny Depp’s face on it!  Either of those actually might weird me out.

Anyway back to the frozen print… the second reason I just had to get this fabric for Noah and Esther was because it had “Sisters Forever” on it!!!  As a mom of a biological and an adoptive child this just melted my heart. They truly are sisters forever.

frozen fabric


Oh, and the third reason (I didn’t even realize there was a third reason until just now.) I bought the fabric was because it was on sale.  I don’t remember the price but I’m pretty sure I got it for 40% off.

So I bought it.  I bought it knowing immediately that I wanted to make pillowcases with it.  I figured it couldn’t be too difficult and that they would enjoy having some princesses on their bed.

Well, Christmas came and Christmas went and my fabric just sat there.  I just couldn’t get up enough motivation to drag my 30+ pound sewing machine downstairs.  So, in my last sweep through of the house before we left for Memphis last Wednesday I grabbed my fabric hoping maybe to have time to work on them at his parent’s house.

His mom and I were able to work on them Friday afternoon and it was so easy that it’s a shame I put the project off this long.  Here’s how we did it.

Simple DIY Pillowcases

Simple DIY Pillowcase

  • We made two pillowcases using two yards of fabric.  We had the dimensions for a standard size pillowcase but it was so close to the width of the bolt of fabric and the length of a yard that we just cut each piece to be a yard long.
  • Next, the sides and one end were sewn together with the material facing inside out.  Finally, the open edge was folded down to a five inch hem with the rough edge folded in slightly so that it wasn’t exposed.
  • Within about twenty minute we were finished!  The girls were excited to receive Frozen pillowcases and I was a happy mommy.  These were so easy and it has me wanting to make more.

frozen pillowcase

Embellishments could be added, pretty ribbons, or even a different fabric for the hemmed edge.  There are all sorts of things you could do to dress them up… or you can take the simple route like I did.

Have you ever made your own pillowcases before? Do you have any little ones in love with Frozen my like girls are?  ML and I can’t help but like the movie too and eagerly await it’s appearance on Broadway!


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