Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement for our move to Collierville, Tennessee.  It’s hard to believe that we have three weeks left here in Birmingham.  Change is exciting though and we are looking forward to our new adventure.

A couple of weeks ago we packed up a U-Haul trailer full of some of our belongings and headed to Memphis.


Of course we would pick the coldest day of the season to make the journey.  Michael Luke and some of the guys in his family ended up having to unload the trailer in twenty degree weather!  I know for some of you up north that’s like a heat wave in January but for us it was like the frozen tundra.  Brrr!!!

Michael Luke spent the next few days interviewing at various hospitals in the Memphis area while the girls and I hung out at his parents house where I took on this project.  It didn’t take him long though to identify his favorite potential employer.  By Thursday, I could tell just by listening to him talk that he had his sights set on Methodist University Hospital in Memphis.  After that interview we celebrated at Huey’s Restaurant.


There was still one other interview on Friday and we had to wait on offers.  Would we hear from Methodist University Hospital?  Monday came and went without an offer AND then Tuesday he received the call he had been waiting on… the call from Methodist University Hospital offering him a full time physical therapy position!!!

He is incredibly excited and I am too.  Methodist University Hospital is a great hospital and places a huge emphasis on the quality of care.  It’s also nice knowing that we are moving to Collierville and that he has a job.  Landing a job will take a little stress over your shoulders, you know?

Well actually the whole job offer seems too good to be true because the interview for this job wasn’t even scheduled until after an interview with another hospital got cancelled that Wednesdsay night and then Michael Luke checked his e-mail to discover a lady from Methodist was wanting to schedule an interview for the same time as the cancelled interview had been scheduled.  In all honesty, it wasn’t even an opening that Michael Luke had even been considering but God opened some doors and answered our prayers in ways we couldn’t imagine. It was kind of one of those moments where God stole the show and it was awesome.

Oh, and you want to something else that’s cool?  He will have every other week off!  I mean somebody just pinch me.  Every other week.  It will be a little bit of an adjustment to get used to him working seven on seven off but I think we will enjoy. Working seven on, seven off means his work days will begin at 7:00 and end at 5:30.  It’s really not that big of a difference from his hours now.  It may even mean that he ends up leaving so early in the mornings that the girls actually sleep in or it may mean that they wake up even earlier so they can see him before he leaves for working.  I’m hoping for the first.

Another perk of Michael Luke working every other week is that he will be home to help the girls with school and to give me some extra time to work on my essential oil business.  I’ve already got my home office planned out!  Well actually have all the rooms planned out. Oh, and speaking of our next home, I’ve got details on that coming soon.  🙂

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