We made it!

If anyone ever told you that moving was easy they were lying… or either had people come in and pack and unpack everything for them.  Moving is exhausting and time consuming.  Moving makes you never want to move again.


A little over a week and a half ago we made the big move from Birmingham, AL to Collierville, TN.  Even though Michael Luke had been off of work for over a week before the big day we didn’t have much time to pack because we spent a good bit of it in Nashville at Thrive, an essential oils leadership conference. It made things hectic but it was nice for the two of us to have a few days together at the Gaylord Hotel and get to know our wonderful team better.

20150205_093851 (1) 20150205_153039

We got back from Nashville with two days left to pack.  It was CRAZY.  That’s pretty much the only way I know how to describe it.  The movers were scheduled to arrive Wednesday morning at eight and we were going late into the wee hours of the morning Tuesday night.  The movers were on time but the original 20′ U-Haul we had ordered looked like it wasn’t going to be big enough so most of the morning was spent trading it in for a 26′ long U-Haul.  Michael Luke and I spent the entire morning trying to finish up the last bit of packing.  You know those random things that you just don’t know what box they go into?  Yeah, it made for lots of fun.


I ran out to get our last meal in Birmingham from Blackwell’s our neighborhood pub and bar (I’ll have more about our neighborhood in a future post) and we dined in high fashion picnic style on the floor.  That’s the way we roll.  Literally, out of Birmingham. The girls and I had to leave shortly after that because we had to make it to Collierville before the offices at our apartment closed.  I loaded up on NingXia Red and NIngXia Nitro for energy and focus… because sleep and moving don’t go together, took one last picture, and then left Michael Luke to finish up at the house before I started crying about leaving the home we brought both our girls home to.

20150211_133728 (1)

I seriously thought he would only be a couple hours behind me.  I mean it didn’t look like THAT much left to pack when we left BUT it was!!!  It was so much that he didn’t finish up until around two that morning.  And that was after the consensus that we would just pay someone to clean the house!

20150211_131457Thankfully, before hitting the road Michael Luke decided to sleep for a whopping hour and a half.  Meanwhile I was so exhausted in Memphis that I didn’t even notice that he had texted earlier in the night.  I woke up at 4:30 that morning and called just to make sure he was on the road because the movers on the Collierville side were scheduled to start unpacking us at eight that morning.  20150212_090147Oh, and our movers the day before were smart because we really did need that 26′ U-Haul. Every foot and inch of it!



With the help of prayer and a some NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro he made it here safely and only an hour behind.  After being blessed the day before with some of the best movers you could imagine we and our furniture barely survived the “oh not so awesome” men of Fast Movers.  Don’t let that name mislead you though. They are anything but fast and are certainly not careful with your belonging.  At one point I was dispersing the boxes in our apartment quicker than the three of them were bringing the boxes to me. Uggh.

After surviving that experience we were exhausted and hungry so we treated the girls to some fine dining at our new local Chick-Fil A.  Later, we somehow we managed to get the beds put up before crashing that night.  ML was so displeased with the movers that he wouldn’t even let the guys set up our furniture.  It was aweful.

We recouped and spend much of last week unpacking. While it does go quicker than packing it is still slow.  All that remains now are a few boxes in the dining room and office and hanging all our artwork.  Hopefully, soon I can begin sharing pictures with you of our new place.  Have you ever had any horrible moving experiences?  Or good ones?

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4 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Kallie

    We have moved soooo many times and we’ve lived in 5 states. The cross-town moves were fairly uneventful. Our first big move away from all our families – from WI to MN – was absolutely the most emotional. When we moved from FL (where my husband interned) to his first job in IA, we ended up with a flat tire on the moving truck, which delayed us a couple of hours. Also, our credit card company kept declining all the gas charges even though we had told them in advance that we were moving and would be charging multiple fill-ups in various areas…that was a pain.


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