Encountering a Plague

True Story: Monday night we were driving home from Texas and one of our girls (who will remain nameless) requested to stop for a “potty break”. So we pulled over at the first gas station we could find because with toddlers you never really know how long you have when they say, “I need to go right now.”
Before ML could get one of the girls out of the car seat around ten mosquitoes flew into our car and started attacking them. I thought they were gnats at first until the remaining girl started crying because she was being bit. I jumped into Super Mom mode and had her out of the car seat in record time. It didn’t matter though because mosquitoes were all around us outside. It was like a plague!
On top of that we looked like we were “on” something because we just kept swatting at the air and nobody else in the parking lot seemed to be attracting these pests. I’m sure it was comical because we were almost to the point of crying. Just imagine a family whining, jumping, and swatting at air.  Got it? That’s what we looked like.
We tried to get back in the car but there were around 15-25 mosquitoes in our car at this point and with still over an hour of driving left it would have been impossible to continue on without doing anything.
Thankfully, I remembered that I had a couple of bottles of oil that I had not packed in our luggage. Purification and Peppermint being two of them.

Insect DeterrentWhile still be swarmed by mosquitoes we quickly applied SEVERAL drops of each all over our bodies and clothes. Purification has citronella in it and almost instantly it deterred them from biting us. We were able to finish the drive home in peace even though we brought on board around 20 extra passengers.  We survived but poor Noah woke up that night terrified and fairly sure that she had bugs all over her pillow. It was definitely a traumatic experience.
If the Super Mom in you wants to be prepared for events like this and armed with eleven oils that you can use to invest in your health now is the time to send me a message or click here. Kits are on sale right now. Purchase yours or just a bottle or two of oil from me and become a part of a community of people committed to health and wellness


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