Noah Comes to Visit

In my last (rather long) post I shared about Esther’s surgery.  This was our first surgery in Birmingham since moving from there back in February.  This was also the first time Noah stayed with us instead of receiving some one on one time with the grands.

In the beginning we weren’t sure if Noah would get to visit Esther at Children’s Hospital of Alabama because they have placed her in the “burn unit” before for recovery.  We don’t mind the burn unit at all because the nurses are wonderful there… not that they aren’t on every other floor but they just have a special touch.  This time we were given a regular room which allowed for Noah to come and visit.

Noah & Esther

Michael Luke and I wanted Noah to see Esther in the hospital so she could begin to make the connection of how Esther get’s a “bubble” on her head and get to visit the place that Esther talks so much about.

Around 8:00 the night of Esther’s surgery I hear Michel Luke pulling Noah down the hall in one of the little red wagons that Children’s has to carry little ones (and your baggage) around in.  I went to meet them at the door and saw Noah’s grinning face.

I saw her grinning face then go into a look of shock.  “Did you prep her any for what she might see?”, I asked Michael Luke. “Oops! I forgot that part.”, he said.

We jumped in and got down on Noah’s level to welcome her to Esther’s room and tried to point out the positives in the room… like the tv with Brave playing and Esther (of course).  It took her all of about three seconds and then her face returned to normal and she piped up, “Hey, Esther”, as she walked over to her bed to hug her.

We’ve always pictured Noah as the doting nurse type and refer to her as the “supportive sister.” She immediately stepped into the role we envisioned for her.  She pulled up a chair next to Esther so they could watch Brave together and then occasionally would ask up what a piece of equipment was called.

Noah & Esther

She was all ears and eyes each time the nurse came in and was fascinated with the iv and every other wired contraption hooked up to Esther.  Noah & Esther Noah & Esther

I’m not sure if she actually has a future in medicine but it made for a pretty cool field trip for Noah!  How have your children reacted to visiting someone in the hospital?

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