An Enchanted Pink Belle Party

I am writing this post on the eve of Noah’s fourth birthday.  Fourth!  How did that happen?  Time. That’s how. It never stops and always keeps moving forward.  Oh, if only I could slow it down.  But I can’t, so I’ll cherish the memories (and the gobs of pictures).

November 10 is Noah’s special day but we had her birthday party back on the 1st of November.  Noah is one of those kids who when you ask them what they want they immediately give you their specific answer.  So a few moths ago when I asked her what kind of party she wanted she immediately responded, “I want a pink Belle birthday party.”


Pink Belle. Just what exactly did that mean?  It meant Belle from Beauty and the Beast dressed in pink.  I questioned her just to make sure she didn’t mean Aurora from Sleeping Beauty or Bell in the more traditional yellow dress. Nope, it meant Belle wearing pink.  Well, like last year when she requested a “green frog” birthday party she never wavered from her decision.  When this question was first asked she had not even seen the movie so all she knew was Belle in a yellow dress.  And for me it had easily been at least 20 years since I had last seen Beauty and the Beast.  So, I was sure I had my work cut out for me.

Then I came across this picture.

pink belle snow Pink Belle does exist!

And from there the party planning started.  For starters we needed an actual “Pink Belle” dress.

Noah as Pink Belle

Mission accomplished!  My mom found this adorable princess dress with a cape at TJ Maxx.  It’s not an exact replica of the original Pink Dress but it passed Noah’s inspection.

Next up… a castle.  My inspiration for the castle comes from this photo still of Beauty and the Beast.

pink belleIt’s what I wanted the setting of the party to be.   So it was time to turn our ordinary dining room into a castle.

Dining RoomFirst up, creating the windows and the scenery beyond.  To start with I hung a 12 foot roll of blue paper from wall to wall to create the sky.

Pink Belle PartyThen I measured out 1′ squares on the paper to work as the frames for the window panes.  After that I hung four red plastic table cloths from the ceiling to act as my draperies.Pink Belle Dress

In hindsight, I wish I would have overlapped them a little more so that the white wall wasn’t exposed at the top. After the draperies were hung the fun began.


Pink Belle PartyI used three acrylic paint colors to create the outside scene… blue, brown, and white.  Using the movie still from above I sketched out my trees and then filled them in with green.  After this was done I used my brown to add a barren tree and the window frames.  And then white for the snow!20151101_154752I was so excited! Thankfully, Noah was too.  When we were younger, my sister brought back Mrs. Potts and Chip from one of our trips to Disney World.  They along with the red rose made the perfect centerpiece for the table.  To give the allusion of the rose floating I tied it to a piece of thread and then taped it to the top. It worked perfectly.

Pink Belle PartyMrs. Potts and Chip were joined by their friends Lumiere and our un-named china cabinet.  I stored all the plates, napkins, cups,and utensils for the party in the china cabinet and brought them out as needed.

Pink Belle PartyPink Belle Party… and little Chips for everyone.

Chip at Pink Belle PartyNow we were ready to party.  So what exactly do you do for fun at a Pink Belle Party?

For starters you play games.  I founds some cute and age appropriate Beauty and the Beast games to play here.  Next, for the perfect Pink Belle party the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack must be playing in the background.

And, finally there must be a feast!Pink Belle Party

It was a four course feast!

  1. congealed salad
  2. bread & citrus butter
  3. chicken nuggets, orange sweet potatoes, and carrots
  4. chocolate cupcakes with a red rose on top


I wish I had pictures of all the courses but it all happened in such a whirlwind. The children absolutely loved it though.  For each course they were given a new plate and then I came by and served each of them.  They had so much fun eating a “fancy” feast!

And what feast at Beast’s castle would be complete without the Beast himself.

Beast at Pink Belle PartyAs the day of the party neared Noah kept telling Michael Luke that he was going to be Beast and she was Belle.  Eventually, we decided he better come up with some type of Beast outfit. He came stomping and growling out of our bedroom dressed like this and served everyone their chicken nuggets.  The Beast was definitely a crowd favorite and especially a Noah favorite.

Pink Belle PartyAfter it wall over I managed to get my picture in with the little princess.  She absolutely enjoyed her birthday party and watching our dining room turn into a castle.

Check out Noah’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parties for a look back at all of Noah’s birthday adventures.

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