Owl Be Praying For You

The other week the girls attempted their biggest crafting adventure to date.  They created a dozen Owl Valentine’s Cards to send to children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.20160129_092125At first glance they seemed pretty basic but there is definitely a reason the box said ages six and up.  Each owl required about thirty minutes of actual work!Owl ValentinesThese girls worked hard… harder than I thought they would and I am so proud of the way their creations turned out.  20160129_092627Noah took the liberty of adding eyelashes to her flock of birds.  I’m fairly sure birds don’t have eyelashes but her owls wanted a little extra protection to keep those big eyes beautiful.

We used a simple boxed craft set from Hobby Lobby.  It cost around $5 and had everything we needed to complete the entire project.  Each sequin, appendage, and eye was affixed to the owl using tiny double sided sticky circles.  That was my task and it WAS time consuming. I punched out each circle, removed the protective paper from each side and placed it on the sequins, appendages, and eyes so that the girls could easy place them on the owl.  I’ve seen enough sticky dots for a while.

20160129_092640Esther’s owls turned out just as cute as Noah’s.  She worked so hard to color each one… which completely shocked me. I honestly didn’t expect her to do so well coloring them just because coloring isn’t one of her favorite activities. She took her job seriously and only recruited Noah for help on the last owl.

As time consuming as these creations were they were completely worth it. The girls were incredibly proud of their hard work and most importantly were excited to send a little joy to children in the hospital.


I was excited for this opportunity too because there aren’t many ways that children can help out at St. Jude but I want the girls to be involved in caring for these children.  My friend is a volunteer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has a vision to deliver Smile Mail to all active  and remission pediatric cancer patients as a way of saying someone cares.  I encourage you to join in the fun of bringing smiles to these kids faces by visiting her Smile Mail Facebook page and seeing how you can help with the March Smile Mail.

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