Bubbly Beauty

For the past six months Esther has been growing a “bubble” on her head.  It’s not actually a bubble but it sure looks like one and to some I’m sure it appears as fragile as a bubble. She actually has a tissue expander just under the surface of her skin.

Esther and mommy

I share more about tissue expanders in this post but for the most part think of it like a plastic bag under the skin on her forehead and for the past six months we have done injection after injection AT HOME helping the “bubble” to grow and in return stretch her skin.  Much like a pregnant woman’s tummy.

Injections are done at home.  You know, just your typical American family letting their two girls watch shows on the laptop while the parents inject the oldest daughter’s head with saline.  Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Tissue expander

As strange as it sounds both girls actually beg for us to do injections. Why? Because they get to watch special episodes off of Amazon or YouTube.  It’s a treat for them and because Esther gets Lidocaine on her port about 30 minutes before each injection she actually doesn’t feel a thing.

Michael Luke does each injection. We’ve done so many now that we can get them done in about 10 minutes.  Just consider us pros. My job, the most important job, is to hold Esther’s hand for emotional support.

Esthers handShe doesn’t realize she doesn’t need it but I enjoy the opportunity to be needed and to sit with the girls for a few minutes. Plus, let’s face it. I just wasn’t cut out for the medical field and would probably pass out if I was the one giving the injection!

Last night was hopefully our last injection we will ever do.  In a way it was bitter sweet.  Strange, right?  This coming Monday Esther will have the tissue expander removed and her doctor will use all the skin that we have stretched out to replace her scarred tissue and match her hairline on the other side of her face.

As in your face as the “bubble” is to most people we honestly hardly notice it.

Noah & EstherGod blesses you with the ability to see the person for who they truly are. To see beauty in her face… even with a lump the size of an orange on her forehead.  He makes everything beautiful.  I’m excited for her surgery though and look forward to seeing her face transform even more as we get one step closer to the finished masterpiece.

Please join us in praying for Esther over the next several days. She is an extremely brave little girl but even the bravest get scared. Right now her stress level is extremely high and the smallest thing can send her into a panic attack.  To help support her we are back to applying Tranquil several times a day and talking about the good things like ice cream and Disney movies after surgery.

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One thought on “Bubbly Beauty

  1. Paula Howard

    Esther, you are beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful inside and out. I kinda wish I would’ve had a temporary bubble. You make it look awesome sweetie!


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