Late last year… as in the very last post that I shared, I announced that our family was once again adopting… this time from the Dominican Republic.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s been a little quiet in adoption news lately.  


Back in December we submitted what’s known as our dossier to the Dominican Republic.  Typically, it takes a few weeks to translate the documents to Spanish and then a couple months more for review and approval…


In the world of adoption, you are reminded constantly to be flexible because things can arise at any time that may slow down your process, complicate your process, or throw a loop in your process.  It happens.  It happened with our first adoption, and as adoption veterans now, we expected the same thing this go around too.

So when the communication lines between the Dominican Republic and the United States went silent, we didn’t really think anything of it. I mean we are talking about government offices here, and sometimes they do tend to get backlogged or take their own time.  

Eventually, we did get an update. Not that our file was being reviewed but that the director of CONANI (National Counsel for Children and Adolescents… the adoption authority in the Dominican Republic) had been promoted and that one of Lifeline’s (our adoption agency) own points of contact had taken her place…

Until she got married and had to leave her job because she moved, and once again we were left without anyone there to review our file.

So for a few months we have been sitting still in process.  It’s been OK.  And like we said, we knew to expect some delays and setbacks, and honestly, we didn’t mind because we took this extra time to continue saving our money for the next steps of the adoption process.

We were beginning to wonder though.  So far, we are more than 21 months into this adoption, and the end is no where in sight.  Honestly, we thought we would have already matched with a child and possibly even been traveling by this time.  

A few weeks ago, we finally received an update.  Our files were still under review, so not much had changed in that area.  CONANI did have someone working as an interim director, so this was good news.  The Dominican Republic, however, is having their elections next month, and CONANI plans to wait until after the election to permanently fill the position.  That could take up to six months!

We weren’t upset or hurt after hearing this news, but it did leave us asking, “Now what, God?”  Do we continue our course in the DR, consider switching to another country, or withdraw all together and try for another bio baby.  Having just passed my 32nd birthday, we do realize that the time clock on bio babies is beginning to run a little short.  But we also feel confident that God is calling us to adoption as the next way to add to our family.  Adoption is dear to my heart, so I am more than thrilled that he has included this in the plans for our family.

Sometimes when you find yourself at a crossroads, it’s so hard to take your own intuitions and desires out of the equation.  Our insides were screaming, “We are just ready for another child!” and in reality we knew that God could be asking us to wait a little longer.

So we took a few days to pray about the entire situation.  We talked with our social workers, and we stepped back and looked at all the countries that Lifeline works with which totals 22 countries.

Lifeline Children's Services

During this time God showed us several countries… like Honduras and Columbia, but he began to repeatedly show us China.


China. China is the country that the majority of families go through who adopt from Lifeline. In fact, right now the have around 300 families in process in their China program.  China is popular for several reasons.  It is a streamlined and fairly quick program (in adoption terms).  There are also lots of waiting children available for review, and one of the perks that we liked is that it has a significantly lower cost than adoption from the DR.  

Two weeks ago, Michael Luke wrote an e-mail to our social workers letting them know that we wanted to formally withdraw our application from the DR and begin working on a home study amendment for adoption from China.

It was the most amazing feeling to know that once again we were taking a step forward in our adoption process.  Now that we are on this new track, we hope to bring our next little one home sometime in the next twelve months.  So somewhere over there in China my little baby is sleeping, and God already knows the Mommy and Daddy he has chosen for that child.  It brings a smile to my face!

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