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Often times the adoption process can seem like it takes forever and with two girls already it can put thoughts of the next little one joining the fam on the back burner.

Our excitement has been growing these past couple of weeks though because we are finally nearing the end of our adoption homestudy update.  During his off weeks we’ve been rushing around town getting our fingerprints done, backgrounds rechecked, and having our medical exam records updated.  I can confidently assure you that I do not have tuberculosis or any criminal history. Lol!


To most people it may seem as if we have made very little progress because for almost two years now we have been saying, “we are in the home study phase of the adoption.”  There was a brief time earlier this year when we had submitted our Dossier to the Dominican Republic… and then pulled it but for the most part we have been stuck in this first phase of adoption FOR A LONG TIME.

For anyone considering adoption please know this is not typical at all. We have a bad habit of complicating things that extend the process like moving, changing jobs, relocating to a different state, and switching countries which at the moment is resulting in our second home study update.

Thankfully, once we get past this out adoption should move fairly quickly.  The most exciting part is that with an adoption from China you can match at an point in the process!

So what do we have left and when do we do hope to travel?

  • application
  • home study (and updates)
  • immigration 800A
  • Dossier
  • Matching
  • Immigration I-800
  • Article 5
  • Travel

If everything happens smoothly and we match at some point within the process we hope to travel sometime early 2017.  I’m really starting to get excited because in reality that is not that far off.

I don’t know about you but I was even looking forward to fall yesterday when I was reading Embers of Love, my latest summer reading indulge.  The final part of the book took place in October and mentioned the cool nights and I couldn’t help but think about how good those nights will feel in contrast to the muggy warm nights we are having right now.  I sure am loving spending time at the pool though.



Every season has it’s pros and cons and intend to make the most of the pros while I can during each season.

One of the perks right now is enjoying my last few months as a family of four.  Having two girls so close in age is so much fun. Sometimes I forget that the next one will be at a good deal younger.  Noah and Esther have such a special bond and I love getting to spend all my days with them.  So while we wait on our next one I’m going to cherish my sweet time with them and prepare them for their upcoming roles as big sisters.


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