Adoption Gender Reveal!

china adoption gender reveal coverI find it no surprise that God would make today the perfect day to share that we have officially matched with a little one from China.  Why is it perfect?  Because today is three years to the day that we announced that we had matched with Esther.

In the last update I shared that we were getting near the end of the homestudy update phase of our adoption journey.  Well, we are still very near the end of our homestudy update.  You honestly don’t know the joy I will feel when I don’t have to say that anymore.  Right now, we have done everything on our part needed to wrap up that process and are just waiting on Lifeline to finalize everything and then we can begin work on our Immigration 800-A approval.  So that leaves us still needing to complete:

  • Application
  • Homestudy update
  • Immigration 800 A
  • Dossier
  • Matching
  • Immigration 800
  • Article 5
  • Travel

So let’s talk about matching with a child.

Matching with a child…. What does that mean?

Matching or matched are terms used in adoptions which imply that an orphanage or government agency has granted a family approval to proceed forward to adopt a specific child.  In China a family can match at any point with a child on the “special focus” list, or they can match with a child from the broader “special needs” list once the dossier has been submitted.

We don’t have to worry about that anymore because Friday we received matching approval for a little one from the special focus list!  Yep, we officially have  another child waiting for us on the other side of the world, and this little mama is more than a little ready to hop on a plane and bring our newest one home!

I’ll share in another post all the details of our matching process, but today I’ll share what I’m sure you are most interested in… the gender.

When I was pregnant with Noah, the whole release a balloon, toss up confetti, and cut the cake thing to reveal the gender was still relatively new.  We simply called the grandparents-to-be and shared the news.  Mission accomplished.  When we adopted from Hong Kong, we were only approved for a girl because children of opposite sexes were not allowed to share a bedroom.  In this adoption however we were approved for either sex because we have three bedrooms.  So in some ways it has felt like a pregnancy because we truly didn’t know if we would match with a boy or a girl.  So, since it felt like a pregnancy, I thought it would be fun to do a small gender reveal.

I didn’t have time to plan a party because we found out Friday afternoon and shared the news last night, but we did have fun with it.  Michael Luke and I invited our parents out for dinner at Ciao Baby last night.  It’s the perfect meeting place for vegans, meatlovers, and children to dine together.

ML’s mom kept the girls yesterday, so we could plan our reveal and think about names.  I wanted the girls to be able to take part in the reveal, so we got a little creative and thought out of the box.  Well in the box actually.  Michael Luke and I went and bought some little onesies yesterday in the right color that would let the girls know whether they were getting a brother or sister.

We wrapped the clothes in the right gender-colored tissue paper and then wrapped that in brown craft paper.  Next, we wrapped it in layers of green, pink, yellow, and blue tissue paper, so that as each layer was unwrapped the girls (and grandparents) would be left guessing what the gender was.  Finally, we placed the gift in a bed of white tissue paper inside a box and  wrapped the box in green paper.

china adoption gender reveal 03


Noah and Esther were beyond excited at the restaurant and could hardly wait for us to place our orders and sit down so the REAL fun could begin.


We decided to let them unwrap the box while we waited on the pizza.  They were thrilled at what they found inside.









china adoption gender reveal 01

Yep, we are thrilled to announce that we hope to bring home our son this winter.  Noah and Esther have barely been able to stop thinking of ways they are going to help their new brother out when he comes home.  Me, I have fallen head over heals in love with him already and can’t wait to hold him in my arms so he can feel the love of a mama.

Even though we have matched with our little one, we haven’t adopted him yet, so a lot of his information is still considered private… including pictures of him.  So while I would love to show you how cute he is and let you see his big grin, I can’t until he is officially ours.  In the meantime I can tell you that he is around seventeen months old.  That puts Noah roughly three years older than him.  Because he has been in an institution almost his entire life he’s a little small for his age, but we fully expect him to grow by leaps and bounds once he’s part of our forever family.  In the meantime we are going to enjoy having one on the rather small side since we have already missed out on all those months of cuddling him.  Bring on the bonding!

Because this whole matching thing happened so quickly and because we couldn’t wait any longer to spill the beans about our son, we don’t have a name picked out yet.  Right now, we have it narrowed down to three names.  And the only hint we are giving away is that it is Biblical… like Noah, Esther, Michael Luke, and mine (if you count the crystal sea).  He’ll have a name soon enough though. china adoption gender reveal 02

For the full journey of our adoptions,  visit the China Adoption or Hong Kong Adoption tab at the top of the page.


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3 thoughts on “Adoption Gender Reveal!

  1. Kristy

    This is soooo exciting! I can’t wait to meet him and hold him! I love all the pictures of the girls unwrapping the box. Fun!

    1. Krystle Post author

      Thank you! They had so much fun unwrapping the box. I’m ready to meet and hold him too. He’s going to be one loved little boy.

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