Immigration Approval

This is completely random and has absolutely nothing to do with my post but today in Collierville I can feel fall in the air!  Welcome, September! We’ve been waiting for you in all your pumpkin and football glory.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I’ve been so excited about the change in weather and just had to tell someone. Right now as I type my window is open and I can hear the rustling of the leaves. The rustling of leaves that will soon turn beautiful shades of yellow and oranges and then fall to the ground.

Last Monday we got a special little letter in the mail.


It was a letter from the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services granting us approval to adopt a child from China!  We went down this road once late last fall when we were on the path to adopt from the Dominican Republic but each time you do a country change you have to request approval from the U.S again.  So for the past few months we and our social workers have been working to update our homestudy so that it could be submitted to the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services again.

The whole immigration approval process was supposed to take somewhere between one to two months for approval.  The day we sent our homestudy off I spent a lot of time in prayer and reading scripture.  That night I told Michael Luke that for some reason I felt like  God was telling me would receive our approval in one week.  Our homestudy was received and logged in on August 8th.
IMG_20160814_205308It was then sent to another office to be reviewed and approved.  After approval, a letter was sent to Lifeline and us.  Michael Luke and I had so much faith that God was going to do what he said that everyday we checked our mailbox.  We anticipated God to show out.  We received our approval letter on the 21.  That’s 13 days!  One day shy of two weeks… which still counts as one week in my book. ML says that if you count the actual time the approval office had our papers to the time they approved us and mailed the letter it’s incredibly close to seven days.

Our social worker shared with us that she had never seen a family be approved so quickly. I have no doubt in my mind we were approved in the time frame we were because God said he was going to do it.

Right now we have a bunch more papers being authenticated by various organizations (it’s so confusing I don’t even try to keep up with it all) and then within two weeks we hope to send our Dossier (big pack of papers related to each other) to China.  After China gives us the thumbs up we submit one more time to U.S.C.I.S for specific approval of Judah and then we can go and get him.  If everything moves smoothly we hope to travel sometime in January before the Chinese New Year.

I’ve been learning a lot about experiencing God, learning to recognize his voice and how he speaks to us lately. Hearing him has been so exciting for me. Right now I am going through Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God study.  I’ve learned that when God speaks he speaks to tell us what He is about to do. He speaks through scripture, prayer, other believers, and the Holy Spirit.  It is so much fun to experience God in my life!

Thank you so much to everyone that is following along on this adoption journey with us.   You can look back at any of our adoption posts using the Adoption tab at the top.

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