Christmas Break

For the non-homeschooling people out there you may wonder how Christmas break is different than a school week for my girls since we stay home everyday anyway.  Or, how is it different for me?

It’s no different for us than any other family. The girls seems to believe that no school for two weeks is going to be the most amazing thing ever!  When asked what they were going to do all day they each replied, “play”.  I told them they would probably get bored of so much free time and be begging for school to start back after the new year. We shall see.

For me, it’s an intentional break from staying caught up with the lesson plan and straggling the line between mommy and teach while trying to maintain cooperation and order in the classroom… dining room/ bedroom floor, sofa.  It’s two weeks to try to catch up on house cleaning and maybe even organize a thing or two.  It’s two weeks to plan stress free crafts, movie dates, and special excursions with the girls. Who knows we may even get a little crazy and skip quiet time one or twice!

Christmas break is also a reminder that this is my last two weeks free with just my two girls.  My last extended special time with them before Judah joins us early next year.  I’m soaking it up and making the most of by doing things like painting our nails and watching movies like White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life with them.

We are so excited about bringing Judah home next year but I know that enjoying this special time with just the two of them isn’t something to be wasted. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was enjoying my last few weeks with just Noah.

Adoption is a lot like pregnancy in that at first you don’t know much about your child. Then you get those first sonogram pictures or decide on a country and you really start to envision this child and picture them in your future. Next, you have the gender reveal or matching. Then. Then you can see those hands, the feet, the eyelashes, little bits of a personality and you are ready for to hold that little one in your arms and give them all the love that they need.

Well that’s where we have been since July….and why thinking of him lying in a crib with dozens of other little ones makes me sad and eager to bring him home.  God is using this time to remind me to pray for him.  To be thankful for the caregivers he has there and that he is being cared for.  To be thankful that we are only three to four months away from travel.  And to be thankful that last month we received an update on him with pictures and a twenty second video.  Twenty seconds… it’s not much different than what an expecting mom sees of her little one on sonogram. Enough to cause us to fall even more in love with the little on God is entrusting us with.  Enough to cherish.

So besides singing Christmas carols and drinking eggnog what special activities are you planning these last few days before Christmas?

Until we travel to China next year we are not allowed to share identifying pictures of Judah. Please know that we wish we could share his beautiful face with you but that we are just following guidelines.  To follow our entire adoption journey click the adoption tab above or use this link.

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