Demolition Dreams

We’ve had Whistle Haven for ten days now and we have accomplished some serious demolition.  The house already looks completely different than it did January 9th.  In the eyes of Noah and Esther the house is just a complete mess and they can’t for the life of them figure out why this looks like a better living alternative to our apartment.  In my eyes, it’s a dream come true. Everyday I walk into the house and see my vision for what Whistle Haven can be come closer and closer to being a reality.

I really wanted to share some demolition pictures today so you could see how much has already changed but I just spent most of the morning editing photos while the girls are at Mother’s Day Out and I’ve got to run to a lunch date with a friend.  I don’t want to leave you empty handed though so take a look at the floor plan I’ve drafted that shows what the downstairs will eventually look like.


Here’s a video walk through I did before we began any work…

and for fun ML did one with the girls. It’s pretty funny to see what they consider the highlights of the house.

I promise to be back next week with demolition photos and maybe even start sharing what we are thinking for finishes.  It’s been a little bit overwhelming for me but so much fun!  And I want you to enjoy it with us.


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