Two Weeks of Silence

The last adoption update I shared was two weeks ago and while in the grand scheme of this two and half year long process that is a very short wait on an update it has been two of the longest weeks for us.

Every day for the past week and a half we have waited patiently to hear if our fingerprints had been reviewed yet and if so if they had passed.  As the days have drug out I have more and more felt at peace about the wait.  I want to hold Judah in my arms and eagerly look forward to loving on him but there’s still lots to do here stateside before we are truly ready to become a crazy functioning family of five.

It’s helped me consider our initial invitation to get him on February 20th as a wake-up call.  During this time I have kicked packing into high gear and have really begun to think about everything we need to finish and streamline to have the house move in-ready by the time we get back.  Speaking of Whistle Haven I’m sure many of you are ready for visual updates and I promise I am working on them.  Behind the scenes not much has changed.  Floors were installed but are covered with cardboard to protect them during the remaining work and my bathroom floor is basically nothing but dirt.

My to-do list has been daunting lately.  Finally, with all the girls old clothes loaded in the van and ready for the consignment sale, most of Esther’s birthday party preparations out of the way, and taking two hours out of my morning to pack I felt less burdened.  Sure there’s still appliances, light fixtures, and paint colors to select, and nearly an entire apartment to pack but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  God has shown me that I needed this time to get things done so that when we return I can focus on my family.

So, I’m having all these peaceful thoughts and thanking God for so far two weeks of extra time when the phone rings this morning.  It was Michael Luke wanting to add me to a call he was in on with our social worker, Sarah. Sarah was beyond excited to share with us that FINALLY we had received our last approval from the U.S.!!!


Now, all that’s lacking is booking our appointment with the U.S. Consulate in China.  Earlier this afternoon we submitted our request for appointment dates and expect to hear back by the end of the week.

One thing that God has taught me through adoption is that waiting can be hard, and each day can seem like its holding you up but in the end you don’t think about any of those days because the wait is worth it.  Soon. Very soon our little boy will be living on this side of the world with us and I won’t be dwelling on any of these days because I’ll be living in the moment. It’s kind of like waiting on heaven.  It may seem like the wait takes forever…. eighty or ninety years sometimes but when we get there the last thing we will be thinking about is all the years we had to wait before arriving in the very presence of God’s glory.

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