We made it!  

Sixteen hours, four movies, three meals, and countless bathroom breaks later and we landed in Hong Kong.  In a sense it’s still almost surreal that we are on the first leg of our trip.  

The girls did awesome on the flight and although we are all incredibly tired I don’t think we will have any trouble adjusting to the 14 hour difference. Transitioning between timezones can be confusing but for the most part we followed our same nap and sleep schedule on the plane with each of those times naturally being shorter than they would in the comfort of our own beds.

The first movie that we all watched as a family was Moanna.  We had been wanting to see it but I dont think it has made it to RedBox yet.  The girls loved it and I enjoyed hearing The Rock sing. I also got to watch La La Land. I was really excited to watch it because it was nominated for so many awards. Honestly though I wasn’t that impressed with it. We you?  I wanted to be. Really I did because I wish Hollywood made more musicals.  I was more impressed with  ten year old Crazy, Stupid, Love. that was also available to watch on the plane. 

The must exciting part for Esther was getting to chew her first piece of gum.  I’m sure some people might think I’m a strict momma for not allowing them to chew gum before now. But really I just wanted to enjoy chewing my own gum without two girls asking me for a piece as well every I stuck a piece in my mouth. I’m doomed now though.

Noah’s highlight was me allowing her to order decaf coffee every time the beverage cart rolled by.  She enjoys doing on my decaf coffee from time to time so it was a real treat for to get her own cup of joe.  I’m supposed she enjoyed it though because it was instant coffee… which is nowhere near as good as the Starbucks Cafe Verona blend that I love. 

Our plane arrived at 5 p.m. (3 a.m. Central) to a beautiful and warm Hong Kong which is a welcome change from when we were here three years ago when we visited during the coldest winter Hong Kong had experienced in nearly twenty years. 

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day because we will be visiting Mother’s Choice.  Mother’s Choice is where Esther lived before we adopted her.  Maybe we can manage to squeeze in time for egg tarts and fresh smoothies too! 

While we are here I will try to post often but it really depends on our address to WiFi.  Some posts like this one will be written on my phone so please excuse any typographical errors. 

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One thought on “Landed

  1. Kristy

    So glad to hear that the flight went well. Noah ordering coffee?! Just don’t let her make the jump to caffeinated;) Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. I am praying for you all.


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