Dim Sum and the Dragon King

This afternoon we flew into Nanjing, China. Tonight Judah sleeps four hours northeast of here in Lianyungang for the last time as an orphan.  Tomorrow at 2:30 he will join our family forever.  He will receive a new name and a new future!  

Before our life completely changes though I want to take a few minutes and remember everything about Saturday… our last full day in Hong Kong.

This is actually my second time writing this post on my phone.  Earlier today I was adding the last picture and the app froze and deleted my entire post… even though I had already saved the document several times. This is the second time it has happened to me this week. 

I wasn’t able to successfully install a VPN app on my Chromebook so the rest of my posts during this trip will be written on my phone because WordPress is banned by the government here. So to hopefully prevent my posts from being deleted again I will be including all pictures as part of my Instagram and Facebook posts included with the link to the actual blog post. 

Yesterday, we met two former Mother’s Choice workers for a dim sum brunch.  Gloria brought her six year old daughter Novia.  Novia and Noah became good friends almost instantly and had fun shopping together after our brunch. 

Connie had known Esther since she was one month old.  As a must of an adoptive child it has been special to connect with so many people this past week so have played a part in carrying for Esther.  

Yesterday afternoon Noah and Easter finally got to ride a double decker bus. Sitting on the top front row bush exclaimed, “when I grow up I’m going too live in Hong Kong.” 

We took the bus to a cafe famous for their egg tarts and afternoon tea. It’s a small cafe that makes fresh egg tarts all day.  A line firms down the street waiting for a seat at possibly a table with random people… This happened to Michael Luke and Jelly Uncle.  Eating here was a treat and for a few minutes we felt like a local. 

The day before Aliena and Rupert (Kai Ma and Jelly Uncle) offered to watch the girls for us so that we could go on a date for our honeymoon.  Never would we have thought a night out on the town would have been possible.  Mr. Rupert made us reservations at the Dragon King Restaurant… The same place we had eaten dim sum at a few days earlier.  The New York Times lists the Dragon King Restaurant as one of the worlds top ten restaurants. 

An American couple who only speaks English sticks out in an atmosphere like that though. After we were seated at our private table for two with a view of Kowloon Island and the harbor the manager brought us a special menu in English and then helped us select our five course meal.  

The main course was tiger prawns but I’m not sure about everything else.  It’s probably better that way because it’s really no telling what we eat. I do know ml had jelly fish as an appetizer… I didn’t eat mine. 

Overall the meal was wonderful though and we are thankful for such a special night out.  After tomorrow who knows when that will happen again. 

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