Hong Kong Adoption

Follow along on our adoption journey as we seek to adopt our little girl from Hong Kong.

In the terms of international adoption our process was fairly short, lasting only two years.  That included a couple of detours along the way. To start at the beginning scroll down to the bottom and work your way back up… or if you just want to take a peek at the ending start at the top. Either way I hope you enjoy reading about our adoption journey. It’s our joy to share it with you.

Officially Final

Three Down

Daughter of a King

Mommy, I Don’t Feel Like Smiling Today

A Special Trip

Officially Final

The Reward is Sweet

Who is Kai-Ma

A Little R&R

It’s The Little Things

Esther’s Birthday

A Weel Later


Coming Home


Lip Gloss and Hong Kong

Gotcha Day

Meet the Sisters

10,000 Butterflies

Final Thoughts

The Flight


Leaving for Hong Kong 

High Court Order


A Christmas Story

Christmas Card 2013

Article 5


U.S. Immigration Approval


Gifts for Esther


Mini Update

Noah at Run for one

Matching Approval

adoption scrapbook



From Hong Kong City to Hong Kong (Part 1, Part 2)



Hong Kong Adoption

U.S. Immigration Approval… Again


Looking At Hong Kong


The Big Change


U.S. Immigration Approval

peru scrapbook

Adoption Update/ Gender Reveal


Country Selection/ Home Study Complete

Country Selection/ Homestudy

Unexpected Plan Changes

Unexpected Plan Changes

Reservations for Four, Please! (Our Adoption Announcement)

Reservations for Four, Please!



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32 thoughts on “Hong Kong Adoption

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  12. KL

    We are also in-process of adopting from Hong Kong, currently awaiting matching approval 🙂 Lord’s blessings on your family’s journey!

    1. Krystle Post author

      I love meeting others who are adopting from Hong Kong! Hopefully your matching approval will come soon. Which agency are you going through? Is your child at Mother’s Choice too?
      P.S. I am giving away $50 to one reader to Minted, an online photo card and invitation company. I would love for you to enter. 🙂

  13. KL

    Our HK agency is Po Leung Kuk, our U.S. agency is Bethany Christian Services. I will definitely check out your giveaway!

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  21. Amber

    Hey we are adopting from Hong Kong with lifeline, and would love to be able to email with you. I just have some questions.


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  28. Melia

    Thank you for sharing your family’s adoption story. We are expecting to travel in February to meet our daughter and were wondering if you would be willing to share information on traveling in Hong Kong (and especially flying with toddlers). : ) Any wisdom you could share would be tremendously appreciated.

    1. Krystle Post author

      Congratulations on your upcoming adoption! Sure, I love sharing with others about our experience, what worked for us, and anything else I can think of. I was terrified of flying with toddlers. We carried our youngest with us to Hong Kong and then one the return flight we had two toddlers. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be though. My biggest pieces of advice would be to pack an endless supply of stickers and Goldfish. Seriously, if you can keep your toddler occupied you’ve got nothing to worry about. I had a backpack for each child filled with new toys. Nothing expensive just little things that I had picked up here and there. I never let them look in and only pulled from it as needed. If your little girl doesn’t have a lot of sensory issues you may also want to think about having a few small containers of Playd-doh to play with. My girls loved this. They enjoyed squishing it in their hands and then attempting to make things with it. It really helped that our plane was equipped with televisions on the back of each seat. While neither one of the had much of an attention span they could at least watch ten to fifteen minutes of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode every once in a while.
      As far as Hong Kong is concerned… it’s an amazing city and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I really have never felt safer in a big city than I did in Hong Kong. The subway is clean, safe, and inexpensive. Transportation in general is inexpensive in Hong Kong. The food is also amazing. Don’t leave Hong Kong without trying an egg tart from a bakery. Yum! I’ll be happy to answer any more questions you have. I don’t mind at all.

    2. Krystle Post author

      I also forgot to mention that sleep comes hard for Noah. She’s one of those girls that only takes a hint that it may possibly time to sleep if she is in her own bed. 🙂 So, for the flight to Hong Kong we had to improvise. On the way there we had three seats together in the middle of the plane. We paid a little bit extra to get the wider seats which in our opinions was totally worth it because of the extra width and legroom. She had room to completely stretch out on the seats and was able to sleep for a good time. To help her calm down and relax we used Lavender and Peace & Calming essential oils. We tried to keep her regular schedule as much as possible but also began planning the time zone shift. We basically let her sleep longer than a typical naptime but shorter than full night’s sleep. She seemed to transition pretty easily and both of the girls bounced back quicker to central time on our return trip home. It was a little rough for Michael Luke and me. 🙂

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