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A Happy Family

If you follow Color Transformed Family on Instagram (which if you don’t you totally should because I post there almost daily) then you know that for the past three months my family has been following the GAPS diet.

I shared some about it in this post…


Our family started a new diet (way of eating) last week. It’s called the GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) Diet. We are still in the intro stages and for the past six days we have eaten homemade soup for nearly every meal. Today we got to start eating eggs and avocado and tonight we are celebrating with omelettes sans cheese. Let’s just say we’ve all been looking forward to this. So why the diet? Mainly in hopes that improving Judah’s gut health will help his brain to function better. There’s lots out there on the gut and brain being connected. Check it out. It’s not just for him though. This diet may help with anxiety and ADD. Our children have not been diagnosed with ADD but I do have one that struggles with focus and calming down and a husband that has ADD. So needless to say we feel like the whole family might benefit from this diet. #gapsdiet #cleaneating #food #omlette

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and this post.

It’s been three months since we started the GAPS diet. How are things going? Well if you know anything about the GAPS diet you might know that sweet potatoes are not allowed. But if you know anything about feeding a family of five you know that it’s not cheap. So after two months of our grocery bill practically doubling because of the abundance of meat, fruit, and veggies in our diet this month everyone except Judah added sweet potatoes and corn back to the diet. This gives me the freedom for some extra low-cost side options. When I’m cooking I try to stick to the diet guidelines as much as possible but some times we bend the rules a little and just cover it in prayer. For instance, I am not buying organic “everything”! No telling what that would do to the budget. I am buying good quality meat and washing my fruits and veggies with my Thieves Soak. We are currently in the process of really upping Judah’s (and our) fermented food intake. For the most part that consists of pickles, saurkraut, and homemade kefer. Judah (and me) are drinking homemade bone broth to help restore the gut wall to it’s intended glory. He loves it! Which is kind of funny because he’s never cared for milk or juice. I’m trying to figure out a way to sneak that in the girls’ diet. The girls. I’ll just have to share all about them and their view of the diet in another post because I could go on and on. So are we seeing results with Judah? Honestly, we will never know because we don’t know what his progress would have been like without the diet. What I do know is that he is continuing to learn and make progress in his therapy goals. I know he grins and has much more facial expression that he did a few months ago. I know that eating well won’t hurt him. Judah has so many good things helping him. He is prayed for and loved, is eating a healthy diet, has a regimen of essential oils, vitamins, and probiotics, and is blessed with amazing therapists and teachers. And most of all I know he has an amazing God who is using all of this for His glory! #gapsdiet #overcomingobstacles #learningwithjudah #cleaneating #food #health #yleo

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What I haven’t really talked about yet is how Noah and Esther are handling it. The two siblings who have given up a whole host of foods for no other reason in their mind except to support their brother on this health journey.

So hows it going?

They Love It

These girls are champs and have completely overhauled their diet with very minimal complaining.  One of the biggest helps for them is that I bought a GAPS diet cookbook that is filled with recipes for delicious meals and treats. They enjoy flipping through it and planning when we should try new recipes out and deciding what treats we should have for special occasions. Noah even claims that she never wants the diet to end because the food is so good.

Neither of my girls have ever been extremely picky but we feel like they have become even less picky while on the diet.  I think part of is that they know they either eat what is in front of them or don’t eat at all.  And it’s not like we are forcing them to eat food they dislike nine times out of ten they end up liking whatever they were skeptical about.  Except for butternut squash and chicken broth.  They both agree that they do not like either one of those.

Stronger Than Us

Michael Luke and I are always telling people that the girls are stronger on this diet than we are.  They have turned down so much that is not allowed on the GAPS diet.  From birthday cake to fried chicken to fruit punch these girls have held strong.

So much so that when ML and I went to a wedding last month we felt guilty for even thinking about cheating on a piece of wedding cake.  We just couldn’t when our girls had gone without so much with hardly a complaint.

We try not to make it to hard on them.  Our go to treat when we are out and about around others is a Larabar.  With many of their bars containing six ingredients or less but tasting like sweet indulgence like Key Lime Pie or Apple Pie it really hits the sweet spot.

Our other favorite treat we use to compensate missing out on sweets is Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I use the recipe on the back of Bob’s Red Mills Almond Flour sack and substitute the molasses for honey to cut down on costs.  I use Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips which are sweetened with stevia instead of sugar. Not sure if that is completely legal but it’s close enough.   These cookies are so good.  On mother’s day my entire extended family was raving about them… especially after I added a few drops of Young Living Orange Essential Oil.

Counting Down

The biggest motivation for the girls is that they know this diet is only temporary.  They totally have the mindset of “I can do anything for little while.”  We have a pretty big family vacation planned in October and I have promised the girls that during the vacation the diet is off.  Every time they turn down something they do it  knowing that come October they may get another opportunity to eat it.  Donuts, ice cream, pasta, and dim sum we are coming for you!

What We’ve Learned

Before the diet I was most nervous about giving up sugar.  Mainly because I wasn’t sure what would be left to eat after removing sugar and grains from our diets.  I have a sweet tooth and while I knew sugar was affecting my kids behavior and immune systems I still struggled with completely giving it up.

We’ve learned is that we really don’t miss it and life does indeed go on when you pass up a slice of birthday cake.  So after we return from vacation in October everyone except Judah will start to add foods back into the diet but sugar is one thing we don’t plan to add back.  There will be exception like birthdays where we splurge and enjoy one of our favorite Chloe Coscarelli cakes but sugar will no longer be a permanent staple in our diet.

We’ve also learned that this diet isn’t nearly as hard or scary as we initially thought it would be. We’ve all found our groove now and still have favorite recipes and things like Taco Tuesday that we get to enjoy.

Our family has and always be a family that enjoys food and this diet enables us to discover lots of new ways to enjoy foods… and that makes us happy.

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Out Of The Trenches

It’s time for another story.  A story of God’s continued work in our family’s life.  This one isn’t a tear jerker like last time but one about life behind the scenes of social media.  A story that is best told after healing has happened.  So, let’s begin…

Last month on Instagram I shared that we had received some uplifting news about Judah.

As happy as this daffodil looks is about as happy as I feel today. It's been a wonderful week including a trip to the neurologist for Judah with some pretty uplifting news. I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything but plan to share more later. For now, just know that God is amazing and is stopping at nothing short of working miracles in our little guy's life. This past year has been a journey for me and I have continually tried to have faith and understand that my God is able to heal beyond understanding whenever he wants to and then I have prayed for that healing knowing that it is completely up to God if he chooses to heal Judah for His glory. Whatever happens I want it to be for His Glory. Complete healing hasn't happened yet but partial healing has and I'm so thankful for that and eagerly await more as Judah works to overcome his developmental delays. #adoption #praise #wiringandfiring #developmentaldelay #overcomingobstacles

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It was March 1 and earlier that day Michael Luke took Judah to visit his neurologist.  The same doctor that ordered the MRI last summer and later called to let us know that our child did have brain damage.  After that call I knew I didn’t want to be a part of the follow up appointment.  I didn’t want to hear the possible grim predictions of what to expect.  Sometimes doctors don’t have the most optimistic outlook on medical circumstances.  I feel like my role as his mother isn’t to understand fully what has happened but to do everything in my power to help him continue to progress forward.  Michael Luke was to take him and then relay to me what he felt like I needed to know.

Before we could make an appointment Judah needed to have blood work done so that several tests could be done.  Not sure what all they were, but tests to rule out possible medical scenarios.  Eight vials of blood.  So while we had the MRI done last summer and could have immediately made a follow-up appointment I purposely waited on the blood work. The first reason I waited was because our primary doc wasn’t too concerned about Judah’s damage.  The second reason I waited was because my child had been living in an almost constant state of terror since we brought him home.  We had spent months working on the bonding process and I really didn’t want to jeopardize anything just to have some blood work done.  So we waited.

As we neared his third birthday and began making preparations for Judah to start the Pre-K program in our school district having blood work done became more of a priority.  Why?  Because his general doc wanted some done to find out which vaccinations he had already received. I made an appointment and held my furiously screaming and kicking child while the nurse drew eight tubes of blood from my sweet boy.  It broke my heart to be the one holding him but we did it… and survived but I am so glad we waited.

With blood work done Michael Luke scheduled the appointment and made plans to take Judah for his follow-up. Even though we knew the damage was minimal we still didn’t know the exact damaged areas and what to expect as a result of that.  We also didn’t know the cause of the damage.  Let me just interject here that before Judah I never really understood the adoptive mother’s grieving of a lack of medical history.  I have Esther’s complete medical history as well as her family medical history.  We know more about her than we will probably ever share publicly but just know we have never been in the dark about her history.  As a mom it’s really tough not knowing simple things about your child.  I have no clue if Judah was born prematurely, if there were complications during birth, the age of the mother, or even the month or day that he was born.

The morning of the appointment came and I was incredibly grateful that God had arranged for me to be able to enjoy a rare lunch out with friends while Judah and Michael Luke enjoyed a guys day together.  It was refreshing!  We all need those times don’t we moms?  Even though I didn’t go to the actual appointment I was still eager to hear some news from Michael Luke.  Shortly after he left the doctor’s office he called and began to share with me.

Let me just reiterate that we knew going in that the damage wasn’t major… but sometimes when I think about all the delays Judah is trying to overcome or have an extremely rough and frustrating day it’s easy to let fear convince me there’s more to it than what our general doc was lead to believe from the MRI notes.  THE DAMAGE IS MINOR though!  Michael Luke saw image after image of Judah’s brain.  There are quite a few small spots scattered around his brain but nothing major.  Praise God!

So while that was encouraging news it wasn’t really anything new.  But here comes the good part… the doctor feels like the damage is possibly a result of trauma during the birthing process.  That’s sort of the best case scenario when looking at possible ways Judah might have acquired brain damage. He also doesn’t feel like Judah’s nystagmus is related to his brain damage. More than likely it’s hereditary.

The fact that his brain damage is so minimal and his developmental delay is so great is a little perplexing to the neurologist.  He is referring us to a geneticist for testing to rule out any syndromes and other things like that.  But it could very well be that the majority of his delay is because he spent two years in an institution.  The doctor was very pleased with all the progress Judah has been making and regardless of diagnoses, therapy is the method of attack.  And with eight therapy sessions a week I can say I think we have that area covered.

So while we wait on our appointment with the geneticist and more testing we pray.  That seems to be the theme of this journey with Judah.   My heart almost breaks to pray for all this to be a result of two years in an institution because I can’t bear to think about all that this little guy might have been deprived of.  I thank God that no matter what happened he survived and now we get to cover this boy in love… and teach him to love and enjoy life.

Regardless, trauma from living in institutions and adoption is real and can forever alter a child’s life.  It’s a type of brain damage that doesn’t show up on an MRI.  Lifeline, our adoption agency, shared a post this week about using occupational therapy to overcome the results of trauma. Every child in an institution or who has been adopted is a fighter.  Life has in no way been easy for them.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this post where I talked about this being a behind the social media scenes post of healing.  This post is about rejoicing in God and what he has done over the past year.  I am no longer crippled by fear of what the future looks like for Judah.  What his diagnosis might be.  God is in control and no matter the medical diagnosis, Judah is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of my living and powerful God who is capable of a multitude of miracles and desires my earnest prayers and faith in Him.

It’s been no easy journey for me to get to this point in my life.  One year ago I was crippled by fear.  Satan used fear and attacked me from every angle.  One of those was with April.  The month.  Kinda strange right?  April is autism awareness month.  Which is a great thing really.  Lots of children are on the spectrum and there is a lot to be learned from talking with their moms and discovering ways to interact with these kids and to meet their social and sensory needs.  In fact, this year I’m all about advocating for autism awareness month.  Last year… not so much.

Last year it was absolutely terrifying to me. Why? Because I had a child who had recently been adopted.  He demanded to be held while being walked or strolled ALL day.  We were in pure survival mode at the time.  Coupled with his delays and effects of institutionalization it was easy to “self diagnose” signs of being on the spectrum.  I did the one thing moms should never do.  I googled.  Do not EVER try to self diagnose your child through Google.  If you do, all of a sudden it will appear as if your child has 20 different disorders and syndromes, a need for four surgeries, and an extremely grim outlook for that child’s life.  Just saying.

One Google search lead to another and looking back I probably read the fifteen worse case scenarios of living with a child with autism.  Panicked didn’t even begin to describe how I felt.  On top of that Seasame Street felt the need to dedicate a whole episode to autism… an episode that my girls wanted to watch again and again. Go figure.  My social media feeds were filled with moms sharing about their amazing kids who were on the spectrum.. Only, my eyes were blinded to the “amazing” part at the time.  Autism talk was everywhere and I felt like I couldn’t escape it.  Never had I been so glad for the month of April to come to an end.

Judah doesn’t currently have an autism diagnosis. He does have sensory processing issues though. Issues that many children on the spectrum face and deal with on a day to day basis. Over the past year God has placed many families in my life that have children who are on the spectrum.  I have gotten to talk to them and have been encouraged by them.  I’ve also found we have many things in common.  Autism is no longer scary to me. It’s just a label that thankfully allows many children to receive help so that they can learn to thrive in this world that sometimes does things differently than them.

Sometimes when we are walking through those deep trenches of life it’s scary.  And it’s not as if we don’t know the way out. A trench is pretty straight forward for the most part. One way in, one way out.  But even if you know the way out you still have to do what it takes to climb out.  For me it was verbally telling Satan to GET AWAY!  Changing my constant worry to continued prayers of strength to God.  Praying for strength and learning to trust in His ways that are not my ways.  Meditating on scripture.  Meditating to the point that I wore temporary Bible verses from Armed with Truth so that I could read God’s promises whenever I needed to.  It didn’t happen immediately but over time those thoughts of fear diminished and praise God for bringing me through the trenches.

It doesn’t mean those hard times won’t come again but wow I really learned a lot about fighting spiritual battles from those few months and looking back at where I’ve come I’m incredibly thankful!

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How I Lost 15 Pounds

One year ago I got fed up. I had had enough.  After nearly five years of “trying” to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight i was at my heaviest weight since bringing Noah into this world.  I was not satisfied with the look of my body but I honestly didn’t know what to do.  The more I “tried” the more it seemed like I gained weight.  I always thought it would be easier to maintain my weight once I became a stay at home mom.  No more sitting in a desk eight hours a day.  But all the running around after toddlers doesn’t erase all the snacks you find yourself eating with them and the secret pieces of chocolate you sneak into your mouth during nap times. Moms, you know what I’m talking about.  I knew that my next step needed to be serious.  I knew that this was a journey that I couldn’t do on my own because I can talk myself into eating any fun size candy bar, scoop of ice cream, or buttered biscuit.

The next step that I chose lead me to losing fifteen pounds over the past year!  I will be the first to admit to you that I was not overweight but keep in mind that I was not satisfied with the state of my body.  But when you are 4′-11″… (one inch shy of needing a booster seat) fifteen pounds is a LOT of weight and requires diligent effort.  Here’s how I did it.

Weight Watchers!

Yep, twelve months and a success story later and I have no shame in telling you that I followed in the steps of Oprah and joined Weight Watchers.  The only difference is that my success story doesn’t include personal trainers and chefs helping me on my journey.  My story is simply my life lived out normally while feeding and caring for my family of five. I’ve eaten out, vacationed, and occasionally splurged all while getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and continually working towards my final goal.


So how did Weight Watchers help me?

It opened my eyes to that while I wasn’t eating a ton of food I was eating more than my body needed.  Unfortunately, my small little frame just doesn’t need a lot of food.  That fact is still a little sad because I LOVE food.  But I’ve learned to just enjoy a few bites of everything instead of feeling the need to consume everything offered me.  I have the Weight Watchers app and use it to calculate and budget my points for each day and week.  I get a certain amount of Smart Points each week that I can use whenever I want.  Generally, I save those for a special dessert sometime during the week. If I know that a party or big meal is coming up I’ll try to get some extra steps logged on my FitBit because it syncs with my Weight Watchers app and earns me extra Fit Points that can be used like Smart Points.

The beauty of the system is that I honestly don’t feel like I have been denied anything.  I’ve eaten mys share of sweets over the past year… they’ve just been balanced out with loads of fruits and veggies (0 Smart Points) and healthy cooked main meals.  Weight Watchers publishes a magazine and cookbooks throughout the year.

Most of the recipes that I have tried from these have been a huge success with my family with the girls begging me to cook some of them over and over again.

I haven’t attended a single Weight Watchers meeting, instead I chose the online membership route.  The catalyst that really got me motivated and opened my eyes to yummy treats like Halo Top Ice Cream is their social media platform Connect that is integrated into the Weight Watchers app.  Connect is filled with encouraging people, success stories, and endless motivation.

I’ve purposely taken time off from Weight Watchers while we were in China and during our Disney Cruise but it didn’t mean I wasn’t mindful of the food choices that I made.  My go to meals for dining out are grilled fish and vegetables.  I generally skip the salads and rolls because the dressing and wheat does nothing but eat up points that I would much rather use on something fun like dessert or an extra cup of coffee with creamer.

I’m the final five pounds away from my weight loss goal and I’m here to tell you that these five will be the hardest I have to lose.  Sometimes it’s not easy staying focused… especially now that I’m feeling confident in my body and loving how my clothes fit. I’m not giving up though and I don’t plan to stop using Weight Watchers once I hit my goal.  Budgeting my food is the way to go for me.  For years I have managed our grocery, clothing, and various other budgets for our household.  I understand and love the concept of using only what you have enough for and saving for something special.  Basically Weight Watchers speaks a language that I understand.  It may not be for everyone but I love it!

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