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Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours

I hope you are as excited about Christmas as we are over here.  Noah and Esther can hardly contain their excitement. I think they are the most excited about the Christmas Eve service where we worship.

Esther is convinced that attending the Christmas Eve service calls for a fancy dress. So “fancy” she will be. Noah’s wardrobe is still up for debate… mainly because she hasn’t thought about it yet.

The groceries were bought yesterday for all the yummy cooking we plan to do and hopefully the gift shopping will wrap up tonight.  So, as we begin to slow down I thought it would be fun to share with you our Christmas decor this year.
Christmas 2015I am a sucker for red. I love it this time of year! I had fun using it on our mantel and around our fire place. It was fun decorating our new space this year.  I tend to get in the habit of placing the same decorations in the same spot each year.  Do you ever run into that problem?  For instance the red glitter ornament used to hang above our dining table… until this year. He looks pretty happy hanging above the mantel this year.
Christmas 2015
Christamas 2015Ok, I know this might not have been one of your main concerns when moving into a new space but I promise you knowing where to put the tree has been on my mind ever since we moved in.  I love the location we chose.  The tree is visible from several different rooms and has plenty of space for presents under it.  We also didn’t have to rearrange our living area.  Christmas 2015And as usual we added another ornament to tree to commemorate our 8th anniversary together.  This year we splurged and had 2nd row seats to see the Lion King here in Memphis.  So one afternoon while the girls were sleeping at Disney I found this festive looking Simba in the Christmas Shoppe.  Now that we have been married eight years (almost nine) we have a little collection of ornaments going on and it’s fun to be reminded of each anniversary every year when decorating the tree.  I’ve even started writing the year on each one so I can keep them all straight.  Christmas 2015Because my blogging has been less than stellar this year (2016 will be better, I promise), I realize you may not have a complete feel for the layout of our place.  For a better understanding check out the layout of the floorplan here.  Michael Luke surprises me with flowers each month on the day of our anniversary.  This month he gave me a beautiful bouquet of lillies, carnations, and daisies. I also have displayed our Christmas card from last year. It was our first one as a family of four and our manger scene.  Noah likes to rearrange the figurines from time to time so it’s always fun to see what’s going on in the manger.    Christmas 2015The decor is fairly simple in the dining room. I love the simple row of metal trees in the middle of the table. I’m sure as Christmas dinner approaches I’ll spruce it up a little more.  The miniature trees work wonderfully on the bar giving the area a little extra height and helping to soften up the boxed opening between the kitchen and dining room.  Christmas 2015For the first time ever I decorated our bedroom.  I got the urge to do it after looking at this year’s Southern Living Christmas issues that featured so much garland.  The draped garland adorned with ornaments and ribbon gives the bed an even more romantic look.Christmas 2015Christmas 2015I added a mini tree to my nightstand with a chest of gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh beside it.
Christmas 2015I placed this small tree from my childhood on the opposite side of the room.  It gives a soft glow at night and adds a bit of nostalgia to the room.  I draped a full size gold tree skirt around the base for fun and decided to leave the branches bare.Christmas 2015Decorating for Christmas is so much fun and is filled with so many pieces that have special memories behind them. What special things do you display at this time of year?

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In Awe of Christmas

My girls are in awe of Christmas this year.  They are eagerly waiting on Christmas Day, but then again what kid isn’t?  Mine however aren’t dreaming of what Santa will bring them or that cool new toy that they circled in the JCPenney’s catalog scanned at Toy R’ Us..  Why?  Are we one of those families that ignores him? That spoils the fun for our kids?  No.

Santa will visit our girls.  Just like in A Visit from St. Nicholas (or as many of us know it The Night Before Christmas), their stockings will be hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas will soon be there.  Those hopes really won’t be fostered until just before bedtime on Christmas Eve though.

You see, as of right now our girls have no idea that “Santa” actually visits them.  They know nothing of a naughty or nice list or letters mailed to the big guy so that their every wish may be fulfilled.  When people ask them, “Are you ready for Santa?” or “What’s Santa going to bring you?,” they just stare back at them. To them Santa is no different than Dora or Princess Sofia… well except that he’s a boy with a beard.  So yeah, they are ready for Santa about as much as they are ready to watch Princess Sofia on Disney Channel.  We see him out and about. We see him on commercials. We recognize that he is a part of Christmas… he’s just not OUR Christmas.

Do Michael Luke and I think he is bad?  No!  Do we judge you for showering your kids with gifts through the alias of Santa?  No!  I’m just sharing with you how we choose to celebrate Christmas.  Do I think my girls will look back and think they missed out? No, Christmas is a big deal to them!  Choosing to celebrate this way is easy now since they are still toddlers, and we imagine as they get older and their friends start talking more and more about Santa, it will become more of a challenge for us.

christmas tree 2011

Christmas for my girls is about celebrating the birth of Jesus.  We have been in full party planning mode preparing for the big celebration on Christmas day.  Our house is decorated for the big event. The menu is being planned.  There will be birthday cake, special meals, and presents.  Of course, Esther has wondered who will eat first since Jesus isn’t actually here to eat his slice first.  Maybe I should let her have the honor.

Almost everyday at nap time my girls request that I read the Christmas story.  We have heard about the birth of Jesus from third person, from a lamb, an ox, and who knows what else?  Playtime sometimes revolves around them pretending to be Mary and Joseph and their teddy bears playing the role of Jesus. I have been given the role of the shepherd watching over my flock (of clothes) in my bedroom.  Go figure.

Presents are given because of the wonderful gift that God gave us through his son Jesus.  The girls expect nothing but are learning to be joyful givers and that “every good and perfect gift comes from above.” Today they each go shopping for one item for each other, even though their list for each other is probably half a mile long.  We would have done it sooner, but it’s really going to be a stretch to keep their lips sealed on what they chose until Christmas day.  We will see how that goes!

The girls have learned several Christmas carols like “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” and “Jingle Bells,” but they can’t tell you the words to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.”  I’m not saying they won’t ever learn it or that I forbid them from listening to it.  I’m not going to be the mom that gets upset if you sing them around my girls or gives them something with Santa on it.  They like the guy.

Like most kids he will visit my girls on Christmas Eve and will leave them presents.  Their stockings hung by the chimney with care will be filled with goodies from “Santa” on Christmas morning, and we will enjoy the happiness of watching them pull out each gift. But it won’t be what my girls have waited weeks for, and that’s ok with us.


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If there is a theme to my Christmas decorations this year it is RED!  It just sort of kept popping up everywhere and then I just ran with it.  I love it!

I promise, promise, promise I will keep this post short on words and heavy on the pictures.

So let’s get started on the Christmas tour!

The Fireplace and Tree

Red Christmas Decorations 4

Red Christmas Decorations 2Red is visible in the coffee table centerpiece, fireplace and Christmas tree.  I love how this reoccurring color ties the three together.  Oh, and just so you know it is a RARE occasion that our living room is this clean.  

We haven’t told Esther that the stockings will be filled with Christmas presents on Christmas morning because then she might notice that she doesn’t have one.  #momfail

My eyes are on the lookout for a temporary one until my mom makes her one for Christmas next year.

The Coffee Table Our First Family Ornament

Red Christmas Decorations 5The coffee table centerpiece just came together on accident.  I moved the tray to the center of the coffee table because we were hosting our small group that night and then I just placed the red ornament on since I didn’t have anywhere to hang it.  I walked out of the room and came back in and thought, “well that looks nice”  So it stayed. Red Christmas Decorations 3

While unpacking all our ornaments this year I realized that Noah has lots of ornaments.  So  I was really excited when my parents gave me this ornament with all our names on it.  What a special way to remember our first Christmas together.  Now, I just need to get Esther a few ornaments of her own.

The Mantel Red Christmas Decorations 6Red Christmas Decorations 7The Mantel is always one of my favorite places to decorate. This Christmas was no exception. Again, I love the red.  It can be found on almost every item displayed.

Red Christmas Decorations 8

And if you look closely you can even see a bottle of NingXia Red hiding up there.  I’m not sure if it will make it to Christmas unopened though.  
Red Christmas Decorations 9

The “Alabama” painting is my newest piece of artwork that I bought at a silent auction adoption fundraiser last month.  I hovered around the table just so I could make sure that no one out bid me.  I think it fits nicely with all the other decor.

The Dining RoomRed Christmas Decorations 10 The green buckets are left over from Noah’s birthday.  The only reason I splurged a whole $3 on them for her birthday was because I knew I would be able to use them throughout the year.  So be prepared to see them again. Red Christmas Decorations 11I like this simple arrangement under the lamp in the dining room.
Red Christmas Decorations 12We use Santa sparingly around our house but he makes a nice little addition to this side of the buffet table.  I used the sleigh as another excuse to display red ornaments and a small poinsettia bloom.

Ok, so that concludes the red part of the tour. I’ll be back later this week showcasing the kitchen, the girls’ room, and an adorable little tree in the master bathroom.

In the meantime, what is your favorite area of the house to decorate for the holidays?  Is it the tree? The Mantel? Or your Kitchen?  Did you accidentally have a theme pop up with your decorations?

Check out our other Christmas decorations throughout the years… 2011 (mantel, tree, table) , 2012 (tree, mantel, glass ornament), 2013

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