Oils for Dudes

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Michael Luke has ditched all his colognes for Shutran. Ladies it smells that good!  He is also a big fan of the Shutran shave cream.  You just haven’t felt smooth until your man uses oils for shaving.  After workouts or attempting to do some trick for the girls that doesn’t turn out quite like he thought it would he turns to Deep Relief or Cool Azul Sports Gel for soothing relief of tired muscles and joints.

Life 5 and the entire Thieves line are part of his daily routine.  He is in love with the results and ease of use of Young Living products.  I’m just smitten that my husband shares the same passion that I do.

Now that you are ready to try a few of these out for your husband. Click here to place your order. Your order using the link above gives you exclusive access to our wellness group, Elevate and monthly newsletters.

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