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Family Friday: Recent Happenings

I’ll just be totally honest I am drawing a blogging blank and have been procrastinating writing for about an hour now.  It’s not that there is a lack of things to blog about.  We have certainly been busy this past week.  So much so that I could use a few extra hours of sleep… or a morning where the alarm clock isn’t involved. Behind the scenes (the blog) there are several projects going on right now but none that are completed enough to share just yet… but hopefully soon.

Friday’s are Family Fridays though so I’ll just make this a smorgasbord of random family happenings and facts.

  • La Fiesta – Last weekend we hit up Fiesta, the tenth annual hispanic festival here in Birmingham.  For a moment it felt like we were in another country because we were surrounded by so many latin americans but then I saw the Home Depot craft booth and remembered we were still in the US of A.  We went to experience the culture of our child who we are adopting from Colombia and some amazing inexpensive food.  This stuff wasn’t your typical burritos and rice Mexican restaurant food.  It was authentic.
Our favorite was the “Corn in a Cup”.  Corn mixed with mayonnaise and cheese (either Romano or Parmesan) and chili powder.  ML had them leave the chili powder off ours so that Noah could enjoy it with us but it was still yummy.  Definitely, something that will need to become a staple in my recipe arsenal.
Each country had a tent where you could find information about the specific country and meet natives from there.  We couldn’t resist stopping by the Colombia booth where we each scored Colombian flag stickers!  They even asked ML if he was Colombian!
  • Laying Flat – I really have no shame in admitting this because Noah and I have both enjoyed sleeping through the night since she was around eight weeks old but she is finally sleeping in her crib at night.
Where was she sleeping?  In her rocker.
Seriously, peeps, this is a must for any mom of a newborn.  Not only have ML and I loved it but so has Noah… that’s why we couldn’t ever bring ourselves to transition her.  When we place her in the rocker she automatically starts playing with her hair which puts her to sleep.
We never completely ignored her crib though.  She has been taking naps in it since she was a newborn but just couldn’t ever bring ourselves to mess up a good thing.  But like all good things they must come to an end.  Noah’s did when she started getting dangerously close to outgrowing the rocker.  Finally we decided to start testing out the crib at night.
I wish I could say she made it the whole night the first time we put her in there but that wasn’t the case.  For about the first month she would make it for just a couple of hours and then wake up crying.  So we would just place her in rocker and repeat the process the next night.  Well, a few weeks ago ML and I both woke up the next morning, looked at each other, and realized that neither one of us had moved her to the rocker during the night! She made it!  It’s pretty much been smooth sailing ever since.
I have to say that I was a little worried that once she started sleeping in her crib that she wouldn’t sleep as late in the mornings.  My alarm doesn’t go off until 6:30 and I really don’t want to know what the rest of the morning is like any earlier than that.  Thankfully, our little trooper can sleep all the way until 8:15 if we let her.  God truly did bless us with a wonderful little sleeper.
  • Stitched- Finally!
I have finished the sweater and owe you pics.  It fits both Armstrong and Noah… thank goodness for our petite little girl that can still fit in six month clothing.
  • New locks – Ever since my sister’s wedding back in March I have been growing my hair out (see my profile pic on the sidebar).

It was fun for a while but then it started getting old.  I decided to leave it long (shoulder length is long for me) until after the R(un) for One 5k so that I would be able to pull my hair back.  Well, the race is over and my hair is gone.

(Sorry for the incredibly bad picture.  Clearly I need to clean the lens off of my iPhone.)

Surprise Mom!  Not sure exactly how much it was but it definitely doesn’t go in a pony tail anymore.  Day 3 of the new do and I think I am digging it.  It’s nice to have a change every once in a while.  I can’t say that Noah feels the same though.  She was quite upset yesterday when she wasn’t able to play with my hair while she fell asleep.

So there you have it… 5 random things going on with us.

What do your random life happening look like right now?  Are you a short hair or long hair person?  Have you come across any authentic hispanic food that I need to be aware of?

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