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Frozen at Five

Earlier this month we had a big celebration … Esther turned FIVE.  Like most little girls she had been counting down to this special day for months.  So much so that we had put a ban on talking about her birthday until after Christmas.

As a child there aren’t many times that you get to make BIG decisions but choosing your birthday party theme is one of them.  For a while she was leaning towards a Barbie party.  Michael Luke and I were almost positive her choice would have been Frozen.  Sure enough though with a few weeks to go before the big day she decided her party should definitely be Frozen.  I had to pull my mom card at that point to make sure this was our final theme.

After searching around town for party decor it appears we may be riding the Frozen birthday party train out of town.  Decorations were few and far between but I found some good stuff and had fun transforming our dining room into her Frozen fantasy land.

Frozen Birthday PartyEsther and I found the Frozen streamers on sale at Target.  Back in December I had an inkling that she would choose Frozen for her party theme so I went ahead and bought these Elsa and Anna plates and napkins.  Frozen Birthday PartyFor the backdrop I considered drawing a scene from the movie like I did with Noah’s Belle birthday party but I really didn’t feel like I could execute a good ice castle. Instead I bought a couple of table cloths from Dollar Tree to hang from the ceiling.
Frozen Birthday PartyI couldn’t find any Frozen cupcake toppers…except on Etsy and  I didn’t have enough time for those to arrive. Etsy has lots of cute party supplies though. Maybe I can plan ahead more for Noah’s party this fall and order some decor from Etsy.

I got creative though and bought an Elsa figurine doll for the cupcake topper.  I stuck the bottom of her feet into one of Chloe Coscarelli’s chocolate cupcakes and then piped the icing around it to make the skirt of her dress.

The most exciting part about the day for Esther was getting to wear her Elsa dress.
Frozen Birthday PartyThe week before you would have thought we were shopping for a prom dress.  She absolutely loved going to the mall and picking out her dress. I don’t know what it is but when Noah and Esther pass a window display or rack full of formal dresses they immediately stop and gawk.  I’m afraid it gave me a glimpse into the future!Frozen Birthday PartyNoah was more than happy to play the part of Anna for the party.  I honestly don’t understand all the fascination with Elsa. Sure she gets an ice castle but in the end she’s the one that is single.  I guess you could say I’m a part of #teamanna.

We added cute little Frozen touches all around the dining room and living room like this Olaf tablecloth and Olaf doll for the gift table. .Frozen Birthday Party Frozen Birthday PartyCookies were adorned with Frozen blue sprinkles and flavored with Citrus Fresh essential oil. Flavoring the dough reminded me of my grandmother because she always flavors her cookie dough.
Frozen Birthday PartyEveryone had such a fun time eating multiple courses at Noah’s birthday party that we decided to do the same thing for Esther’s party.  Between each course the kids would dance and singalong to Frozen songs.

We served hot chocolate with melted snowmen (marshmallows).  Frozen Birthday PartyI laugh thinking back to this part of the party because I set a bowl of marshmallows out so that the kids could grab a few to add to their hot chocolate. Many felt like the ratio should be around 50 marshmallows to half a cup of hot chocolate.  They ended up needing spoons to finish their drinks!
Frozen Birthday PartyAfter singing along to Love Is An Open Door where Hans and Anna realize they are perfect for each other because they “finish each other’s sandwiches” we served ham and cheese sandwiches.Frozen Birthday PartyWe also had Frozen Pops. While these may not be the best looking chocolate covered Oreos they were made with love and PAIN.  Let me just say melted chocolate is HOT and BURNS. I’m talking burns so much you need the lavender afterwards to soothe the skin.  It was hard to dip those things and I couldn’t get the chocolate at the right consistency so I got the best that I could under the circumstances.  Oh, and if you want to recreate this make sure you buy the double stuffed Oreos because the stick does not fit in a regular Oreo.
Frozen Birthday PartyParties are fun but dressing up as your favorite princess for parties is even more fun!  We had a few Elsas grace our presence that day.  Esther asks me occasionally if I used to play dress up when I was little.  I really don’t remember having dress up clothes besides cheap dance recital outfits.  Do you remember having dress up clothes when you were little?

Frozen Birthday PartyEsther’s party was so much fun and I’m thankful for our sweet family picture that we captured before the fun begin.

Frozen Birthday PartyI’m not sure when children grow out of themed birthday parties but for now we are having fun planning one each year!

Oh, and that’s another thing… I don’t remember having decked out themed birthday parties either.  They were loads of fun but I think this whole “theme” thing is somewhat new.  At the most I remember having Big Bird cupcakes one year with a mountain of icing on top and an Easter Egg Hunt party another year because my birthday fell on Easter. What do you remember about your childhood birthday parties?


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Housewarming Birthday Party

Noah turned two on Sunday!  I can hardly believe two years have flown by since this happened.  But you know what they say, “Time flies when you are having fun.”  Noah has added more fun and been more of a blessing than I could ever have imagined.


Ok.  I’ll try to be through with the mushy stuff and on to the “Housewarming Birthday Party” details now.

Dollhouse Birthday Party

ML and I went a little crazy this year and decided to give and build Noah a dollhouse for her birthday.  I’m still not quite sure what I was thinking but the good news is that Noah loves it!

Dollhouse Birthday PartyWhich totally makes all the late nights worth it.

I thought it would be cute to have a dollhouse theme party since that was our gift to her.  I didn’t want just any dollhouse party though… I wanted a housewarming party.  So my sister, Lauren over at LH Formal Design helped me design the invitations.  We wanted the invitations to look like the guest was being invited to a housewarming party.  She pulled ideas from other housewarming party invitations.

Dollhouse Birthday Party Invitation by LH Formal Design

They turned out so cute!  Looking at the invitation you would never know that Lauren designed the entire card without actually looking at Noah’s dollhouse.  They look identical!  I mailed her some paint samples and showed her a picture of what the dollhouse could look like.

Dollhouse Birthday Party

I used an old Ball jelly jar to hold the spoons.  If I would have had a little more time I would tied it with some corresponding fabric.Mason Jars to hold utensils. Dollhouse Birthday Party


My mom made those cute clementine pumpkins. A Pinterest find.

The party for the most part was simple.  The food and decorations a lot more scaled back from last year.  The dollhouse was the main focus and decoration of the table.

Easy Birthday Cake

Lauren also helped me with the decorations for Noah’s cake.  This was my first ever cake to make and I wasn’t about to ruin it by trying to decorate it with some fancy icing.  I’m just not talented like that.  I’m pretty sure the cake would have ended up looking like a smorgasbord of icing colors.  Instead I chos

e to keep it simple and use cutouts attached to wooden sticks.  Way easier than decorative icing and it didn’t involve any artificial food colors.  Score!  Thanks Lauren!

The week leading up to her party we studied all about birthdays, parties, and the “Happy Birthday” song.  I’m pretty sure she knew the party was all for her… especially when every one sang happy birthday!

Noah and Family

Noah’s guests consisted of family, three of Noah’s friends, and their families.  Since Noah and her friends are a bit more active than last year and are capable of destroying the house if left with nothing to do I actually had to come up with a game plan for this year’s party.

I found some coloring place mats on the dollar aisle at Target.  The kids loved these plus it gave them something to eat on.  The biggest hit of the party though was the “Pin the Furniture on the House” game that my sister created.

Dollhouse Birthday Ideas: Pin the Furniture on the House by LH Formal DesignIs she awesome or what?  I’m pretty sure the party would have been a flop without everything she did.

Using a piece of poster board she drew a replica of the dollhouse. She then used another piece of poster board to draw pieces of furniture and appliances for the house.  Once they were cut out she applied painter tape to the back of each piece. This gave them enough tact to stick to the house but was also easily removable and could be used again and again.

Dollhouse Birthday Ideas: Pin the Furniture on the House

It rocked! Poor Emma had to miss the first half of the party because her bladder gets to excited for that many guests at one time.  She did have a bandana that matched Noah’s dress.


After the cake and homemade muscadine ice cream (Noah’s favorite), Noah opened presents. This went as well as it possibly can with four two year olds who don’t understand the concept of “mine” and “share”.  Haha!  What can you say… they are two.

2013-11-02 15.14.00

I have no doubt that Noah truly enjoyed her party and the special time with friends and family.  Oh, and the best part for me was how easy the clean-up was since I didn’t do a lot of decorating.  Let’s hope I remember that little tip next year.


Thanks to everyone who made her day special.

I’ll be back next week to share all about her dollhouse and her love for it.  In the meantime tell me about gifts you have made for others.  Do you enjoy making homemade gifts? Or prefer having someone else do the work for you?

P.S. My mom found the cute fabric for Noah’s birthday dress.  The colors matched the dollhouse perfectly.  She did a fabulous job making Noah’s adorable smocked birthday dress.


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Going Wild

Saturday November 10 was Noah’s birthday and also the day of her party.

We celebrated it safari style! Mainly because back in July my mom and I found this cute dress that I totally had to plan the party around.  Isn’t that how every girl plans a party?  Around their outfit.

It was perfect though because once I started looking around I noticed that Noah had lots of safari themed animals and toys that would work great as decorations for the party.

Which meant we had to invite Armstrong the ape….

as well as friends and family.

My sister, Lauren, who owns LH Formal Design, one of the sponsors here at Color Transformed Family, created her invitation.  Her inspiration for the card came from Noah’s dress.  It turned out so cute!

A safari theme party was perfect though because I got to do what I like best… make the most of what I have on hand for decorations.  I ended up spending three dollars total for decorations (not counting food, napkins, and cups)!

So where did my three dollars go?  Towards wrapping paper for leaves on the palm trees!

(That’s ML’s sis in the pic.  She’s got a little one on the way and we are excited because it will be Noah’s first girl cousin!)

Seriously, the palm trees were my favorite part of the decorations and I may have been a little sad when I took them down the other day.  I might have run a few scenarios in my head of ways to incorporate them into the Christmas decorations.  You know… a Hawaiian themed Christmas or something but in the end decided it was best to take them down.

I’ll be back later with a detailed post of how these trees of palms came to be and how they were so inexpensive and easy to create. Thankfully, the rest of the decorations I had lying around.  Plus my mom loaned me her coconut bowls and made the beautiful birthday banner for Noah.Which was nice because I totally didn’t have time to make one.  Preparing for this party was way more time consuming than I thought it would be.  Part of it was because ML and I had a few projects to finish up around the house but the other part was preparing all the food and gathering supplies.  Am I the only one whose plans always work better and quicker in my head than actual life?

The cookies and cream cupcakes above were one of two varieties that I made from scratch for the party.  The others were banana cupcakes with lemon icing (Noah’s favorite)!

They were both delicious and a big hit with the party guests.  The big secret is that they were both vegan!  Yep, that right.  Vegan!  ML and I aren’t vegan or even vegetarians but for the most part Noah has been a vegetarian up until this point and ML’s parents are vegan.  This way they were able to enjoy all the treats at the party.  Well, all except the animal crackers! Haha!

I found the recipe for the banana cupcakes with lemon icing this Summer back when I fell in love with Chloe Coscarelli’s cookbook (read my review on it here).  The cookies and cream cupcake recipe I just found through a Google search and trusted the reader’s reviews on it.  They were right… the cupcakes were amazing!

Keeping with the safari theme, I tried to incorporate simple foods that children could eat and that we associate with Noah’s safari animal friends.  For instance peanuts for elephants.

Clementines for gorillas and bananas for apes.  My sister even made cute little place cards for each food and my personal favorite… one for the coffee table that read: “Beware of small animals that like to prey on abandoned food and drinks.”  It was a gentle reminder to the adults that little like to grab at anything within reaching distance.

I got the idea to use the grapes and strawberries on skewers from Pinterest.  It was an easy way to add vertical color to the table and to serve fruit.   We also had other simple snacks like dried cranberries, raisins, pecans, almonds, and animal crackers.  All of which were a big hit with the little ones.

If our family had a special number it would have to be “10”.  Ten because Noah was born on the 10th of November and because we were married on the 10th of March.  Which works out perfectly for special occasions like this because ML gives me flowers every month on the tenth!
I thought these were very appropriate for the party!

Noah had a great time at her party and I wish I had more pictures to share of the actual party and of her opening presents but I was just too busy to snap any.  Thankfully, there are plenty of family members that caught some of the precious moments.

It was so much fun planning her special day and I look forward to getting to do it all over again next year!  What special themes have you used for a little one’s big day?  Do you have any tips to share for keeping the party costs down?  What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday now?

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