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70 Hours of Summer

Well, technically our Summer has been longer than 70 hours.  Thankfully.  But for 70 hours this Summer Noah and I read together.


Whew!  Boy am I glad its over.  It’s hard work reading to a extremely mobile toddler for an hour a day but it was completely worth it.  Noah and I took on our local library’s challenge this Summer to read an hour a day for ten weeks.  At first an hour a day seemed daunting to me.  Up until this point Noah could barely sit through a short story board book.  And for the most part this is still true.

So, while she may not have the attention span for stories quite yet she is definitely interested in pictures and flipping the pages.  We would just lay on the floor and look at all the pictures in her books.  I would point out animals and objects repeatedly.  Sometimes finding multiple books with the same animal/object in it to teach her through repetition.  After a few days she was able to point out objects if I said the word and a few weeks after that she was saying the names herself.  This dedicated time together each day was incredibly helpful in boosting her vocabulary.

My dream has always been for Noah to love reading as much as I do.  This Summer she definitely fell in love with books and many times would choose flipping through a book over playing with her other toys.  Her favorite book to flip through and look at pictures is  The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.  It is one of the books we use for devotional time with her and it does an excellent job of pointing every Bible story towards Jesus.

Another positive of spending 70 intentional hours reading was the 70 hours that Noah got to spend one on one with Michael Luke or me. I mean who wouldn’t want that?

20130823-161217.jpgTime spent laying in bed looking at books together, devotional time before bed, and lazy afternoons laying in the floor flipping through her newest books.  All of these times we got to spend investing in Noah.

Through this I also discovered how awesome our local library, The Library in the Forest, is.  They have an amazing children’s department and we checked out numerous books each week.    I like to check books out in themes.  For instance, before we went to the zoo we read animal book after animal book.  This really brought the animals to life for her while we were at the zoo.  I continue to do this for different events as they come up.  The Library in the Forest also hosted a party at the end of the ten weeks.  There were entertainers, a free lunch, and door prizes.  We didn’t win anything (not that she would know anyway) but Noah did get a book for coming to the library every week this Summer.

Even though our 70 hours of Summer is officially over we are still spending time reading together.  Definitely not for an hour a day every day though.  Have you ever participated in a Summer reading program?  I think I did one time when I was little.  I can’t remember for sure though.



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Ordered Color

The other weekend Noah was given a book shower by some of my aunts and my sister.

I really loved this idea for a shower because instead of everyone coming to see my belly, they got to see Noah.  Such a better trade-off.  Anyway, it was fun, and Noah received lots of books!

She was in a little cradle that my sister and I used to put our dolls in!  And the afghan was crocheted by a lady who works with Michael Luke.

I wasn’t looking at the camera.  Several people were trying to take our picture at the same time… paparazzi.  Michael Luke and I are really looking forward to reading all of these books to her.  I hope she inherits my love for reading.

After ML unloaded our surplus of books, I tried to figure out how they would work best.  I knew they would go on her bookcases flanking her crib.

Space is limited though because the storage baskets (more on them here) hold toys, blankets, and burp cloths for the time being.  So I couldn’t really get rid of any of these.

I decided to separate the books into two piles:  books to read during her first year and books for when she is older.

The books to read during her first year pile went on the book shelves, and all the other books are stored on a shelf in her closet.  They are still visible and easily accessible, in case we decide not to wait a year to use them.

Even after separating the piles, the books still filled up two shelves.

I tried to arrange them by size since the tallest fit better on the top shelf.  But even with all the tweaking, it still didn’t seem very organized.

Thankfully the same day I was working on the bookcase, I decided to check out Design Mom‘s blog where she posted this amazing YouTube video about books!

Not only did I love the video, but I wanted to organize my bookshelves by color also!  After I told Michael Luke my plan, a little of his OCD got the best him, and he ended up organizing the books for me.

I love that he provided resting spots for the eye by placing some books horizontally.  Notice how your eye is drawn to the “A” bookend…

and “The Jesus Storybook Bible” and plate.

The simple shift in direction gives your eye a resting place.

The shelves look a lot more organized now and maintain the simple clean look I am going for.

Noah and I have already read several of the books, and I know we are going to have fun reading them all!

What do you think of her organized bookcase?  Have you organized books by color before?  Or anything else by color?  Or does this inspire you to organize anything by colors in your house?

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