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Disney Autograph Books

My girls love looking at pictures of themselves.  They have a photo book of when they were flower girls in my cousin’s wedding and I bet they have each looked at it a thousand times.

I can remember on one of our first trips to Disney World my sister had an autograph that she carried around and had as many characters as she could find to sign her book.  We came home and had fun looking back at all the signatures she had collected.  It was a special souvenir to bring back from such a magical vacation.

So last year when I started planning our own magical Disney Vacation I wanted to make sure our girls had their own autograph books.  I knew we could just pick one up once we got to the park but my creative juices started flying after I did a little searching on Pinterest and then I just had to make the girls their on special Disney autograph book.

Disney Cover


To start with, I planned a special shopping trip by myself to Hobby Lobby.  It was a morning out shopping without the girls so let’s just say I took my time and enjoyed looking at EVERYTHING!  Any other moms know what I am talking about?

I found some simple spiral notebooks with heavy weight paper that I knew would be perfect for Sharpie autographs.  As much a I was looking forward to this project I knew I needed to keep things simple or I would never finish it.  I’m a girl with big ambitions but sometimes my dreams are more than I can get done in real life.  So to keep things simple I chose pre-cut brightly colored pages that could simply be glued to the paper without any cutting needed.

Disney Autograph Book

Strolling down the sticker aisle was a little overwhelming because of all the options.  Let me just say your project bill can really add up when you get to the stickers.  I tried to keep things thrifty though. So before visiting the “big kid” section I found the children’s stickers which are a little more affordable.  I scored there with lots of Disney Princess stickers, Disney Princess washi tape, and Disney Fairies washi tape. I bought a few more stickers in the scrapbooking section but had to watch myself because like I said… the project total can really escalate with stickers.

Disney Autograph Book

Before our trip I decorated the cover and laid out a few pages at the front of the book. This was to make sure I had a spot for pictures from the plane ride and hotel.

Disney Autograph BookOnce we got to the park characters autographed one page and then we intentionally left the page opposite that one blank to add  the girls snapshot with the Disney character later when we were back home.

Disney Autograph Book

The girls loved having these books with them while on vacation and were excited to look back over autographs while waiting in lines.  Let me just say the coolest thing about them as an adult is how each character’s signature is spot on!

Disney Autograph Book

Despite all the excitement coming back home, life got busy and it wasn’t until a couple weeks before Christmas that I started working on getting these custom autograph books wrapped up.

Disney Autograph Book

I took advantage of the the nights ML went to bed early and enjoyed some super cheesy Hallmark movies, kombucha, and crafty nights.  For the record those movies will make you so incredibly thankful for big budget, well directed films.

Disney Autograph Book

To complete my custom creations I used scrap pieces of Disney images and text from maps, coasters, luggage tags, and every other random piece of paper I saved from our Disney magical vacation.

Disney Autograph Book

We are a couple of weeks into the new year and the autograph books are still one of the girls favorite gifts.  Esther loves to lie in bed and look at hers and Noah feels compelled to show her book to anyone who dares to visit our home.  It makes me one happy Mama!

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