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Judah’s LOA!

When I posted earlier this week I shared that we should be close to receiving Judah’s Letter of Action (LOA) from China.  In the world of adoption it’s a very important letter.  This letter means that the Chinese government recognizes that we are officially matched with Judah.  Receiving this letter also signifies the final countdown to TRAVEL!!!! Tuesday morning Lifeline (our adoption agency) received our LOA in the mail and Michael Luke and I were beyond ecstatic!

Our sweet social worker Sarah had given us a heads up last that week that we should go ahead and prepare our I800 paperwork (U.S. immigration papers to bring Judah to the U.S.) so that she could send them off in the mail as soon as she received our LOA.  So, when she e-mailed Tuesday morning to let us know the good news all that we lacked was signing our LOA paper.

We could have waited until Michael Luke got home that night and then scanned the paper in for Sarah to have on Wednesday but in the world of adoption when the ball is in your court you want to get everything back in the other’s court as soon as possible. So the girls and I wrapped up school Tuesday morning and then loaded up and headed in to Memphis to have a picnic lunch with Michael Luke and to GET THOSE PAPERS SIGNED! Everything was mailed on Tuesday and now we wait… again.

So what are we waiting for now? Well, here’s a quick look at the steps we have completed already and the ones that are still remaining.

  • Homestudy
  • Letter of Intent/ Pre-Approval
  • I800A sent/approval
  • Dossier to China
  • Letter of Action
  • I800 Sent
  • I800 Approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Article 5 – Approval by U.S.to adopt a specific child
  • Travel Approval from China
  • Consulate Appointment Date in China – Then entire trip revolves around this date!

Don’t get discouraged looking at the list above just because it looks like we are only half way through.  That is not true. The homestudy step for us took well over a year and these remaining five steps should only take around three to four months.  That means that we could be traveling to meet little Judah as early as late February!!!

And that means this little mama is beyond excited and ready to shower my little boy with love and gifts.

Judah's LOA

Gifts like this adorable touch and feel book that makes all kinds of fun sounds from The Gift of Gab.

Originally we hoped to get there before he turns two on February 1 but I’ve now accepted the fact that that’s more than likely not going to happen.  But it does look like Michael Luke and I could end up celebrating our ten year anniversary in China.

It’s funny looking back because on our honeymoon in our private little beach cabin in Jamaica Michael Luke and I dreamed of going all out and doing the same thing again for our ten year anniversary.  Knowing for the past year that this adoption was coming up in 2017 I had realized our dream was not going to happen because of costs and timing but I wouldn’t trade our situation for anything else. I think there is no better way to celebrate ten years together than by  traveling clear across the globe to add a fifth Stanley to the family.

As we get closer and closer to travel we are having more and more people ask us if we are doing any fundraising.  The answer is “yes”. We have an account set up with Lifesong where people can donate and with donations of $50 or more receive a tax deductible receipt.

Discover our entire adoption journey under the China Adoption section of the Adoption tab at the top of this page.

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