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Up, Up, and Away

By the time this post goes live Michael Luke, Noah, Esther, and I will already be on our way to Hong Kong. Yep, it’s been a crazy couple of days at our house and it sounds like we’ve got some catching up to do to bring you up to speed. So how did we go from waiting on approval of a consulate appointment last Tuesday to physically being on a plane to start the trip that will lead to bringing Judah home?

Last Tuesday we submitted for an appointment date with the U.S. Consulate.  Our coordinator at Lifeline felt like the earliest we would be able to get an appointment would be March 30 but we decided to go ahead and request March 23 as our first choice and put March 30 as our second.  It typically takes about 24 hours to hear back on an appointment date approval but sometimes an answer is given.  Wednesday came and went though and we didn’t hear anything.

Thursday morning I dropped the girls off at Mother’s Day Out and then started on my to-do list for Esther’s birthday party later that afternoon.  As I pulled into the Party Works parking lot to track down the ONLY Barbie balloon available I got a message from ML.

It read:

Step One: Check your e-mail.

Step Two: Panic

Step Three: Call Me

Well anyone who knows me knows I’m not a perfectionist and have never really followed directions well.  I though he meant he checked HIS e-mail and panicked and that I should call him.

So i did….

and then he had me check my e-mail first.  I think he just wanted to hear me panic because PANIC I did along with deep breathing and tears of joy.  We had an e-mail from our coordinator letting us know we had been approved for an appointment with the U.S. Consulate on March 23 and that we would receive Judah on March 13!

That meant that we needed to leave today… Monday because we are spending some time in Hong Kong with Kai-Ma and her husband.  Nearly three years ago I wrote a post titled “Who is Kai-Ma“.  I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it so that you can truly understand who we are going to visit.  In short Kai-Ma is like a godmother to Eshter and for six months after we brought Esther home we could have no contact with her or anyone else in Hong Kong. When I wrote that post nearly three years ago I had no idea that she was reading it and was eagerly looking forward to connecting with us.  For the past couple of years the girls have Facebook video chatted with her and her husband every Thursday morning.  She sends the girls birthday presents, Christmas presents, and other various gifts throughout the year.  So this week we are excited to spend time with them and let them see what a beautiful young lady Esther is turning into.

Back to the having four days notice thing.  Thursday morning we found out we needed to leave by Monday.  Thursday afternoon we booked tickets and told the girls.  That night we celebrated Esther’s birthday with friends at Chick-fil A.

Throughout all this I was praising God because a) Michael Luke had just started his off week and was able to work on the logistics of the whole trip b) we had planned Esther’s birthday party a week early “just in-case” we happened to be in Hong Kong on her birthday c) we are finally going to China to get Judah!

Friday a sweet friend kept the girls so we could meet with our contractor and work on finalizing everything so they can keep working and hopefully about have the house finished by the time we get back.  So U.S. Government in case you are reading this we did not move out of our approved dwelling space before our trip.  At this point it would have been impossible.

Saturday morning we packed.  This is honestly the earliest we have ever packed for a trip and the best we have ever done at conquering a to-do list. It made this procrastinator couple feel pretty good. So while such short notice might have freaked some people out we feel like we were ready to go with plenty of time to spare.  Saturday night we ate dinner with ML’s parents one last time as a family of four, shopped for gifts for everyone that will be helping us while in China, and then went and bought new car/booster seats for the girls so Judah can have Esther’s car seat.  Noah has been a little rough on hers.

Sunday morning was spent worshiping and praising God because lets just be honest… only he could have orchestrated all of this and boy will we need his strength in the coming weeks as we adjust to life with a little one.  By Sunday afternoon we were busy boxing all our belongings up for the move shortly after we return to the states. My parents came in to town to help us and to see us off to the airport.

And well that pretty much brings us back to us being on a plane headed for Hong Kong.  So as you sit down to your desk this morning, or your morning cup of coffee on your sofa think about the fact that our longest flight with two five year old girls will be SIXTEEN HOURS.  That’s like sitting down at your desk at 8:00 in the morning and not leaving until midnight. Prayers are appreciated.  For a mom that doesn’t allow her girls to have much screen time they are welcome to watch all the age appropriate movies and tv shows they can consume in sixteen hours… as long as they let me sleep.

Like with Esther’s adoption I will be blogging often to help me record my emotions and memories and as we come into contact with WiFi hotspots I’ll be sharing quick updates on Instagram.  It’s going to be a crazy three weeks but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Thank you for all your continued prayers because soon #judahscominghome.

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