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Say Goodbye to Colds Forever

Note: We haven’t ignored or forgotten you. The kitchen renovation is still in progress.  ML hopes to complete the tile installation this weekend!  Which means hopefully I’ll have pictures to share soon.


A couple years ago I discovered that I could completely eliminate my migraines just by altering my diet (more on that here).  After experiencing complete freedom, and saying “adios” to migraine medication Michael Luke and I embarked on a quest to find out just how much healing power God has given food.

One of our discoveries is the combination of honey and cinnamon used to fight colds.  I’ll admit at first I was a little skeptical… something so sweet and good can fight a cold?  But we have been using this mixture all winter anytime we felt a cold coming on and it has worked!  After just a few doses most symptoms of the cold are gone and thankfully you never get that “shoot me now” feeling because of your sinuses being too compacted.

So why does it work?

Simply put… honey is antibacterial and cinnamon is antimicrobial.  Although I wouldn’t suggest using the mixture as a hand sanitizer because things could get sticky!  But if you ingest it for cold fighting purposes it works like little soldiers and kills those pesky germs. Yay!

The Formula

  • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • 1/4 Teaspoon cinnamonHONEY AND CINNAMON

Mix together and repeat every four hours. (There isn’t anything magical about every four hours.  I just came up with that time period so that we were able to get several doses in during the day.)  Michael Luke prefers his spread on top of bread.  Noah and I like ours straight up.

The honey and cinnamon yummy goodness is way better than cold medicine or sucking on a million cough drops all day long. Noah even looks forward to taking hers… which is more than I can say for some of her cold medicine.

I must add that I have not been able to completely eliminate Noah’s colds yet.  First off I don’t give here a full dosage every four hours because I don’t want her hyped up on sugar and because she is only sixteen months old.  Second it’s hard for me to know when her colds first start coming on.  Which means most of the time we don’t start the regime until the cold has begun to set in.  Regardless though I believe it helps the cold not to turn in to the big ugly monster that it could be.

When we first realized how well this concoction works we wondered why we had never heard of it before but the more we thought about it the more it made sense.  A simple mixture of honey and cinnamon is not profitable to the drug companies or the doctors… OTC medicine is.  🙂

Sometimes I don’t know why I put God in a box.  Why is it not possible that colds can be fought with the goodness he made for us…. honey and cinnamon.  Isn’t He amazing?


Because I’m not a health nut or scientist check out this cool article that shares even more of honey and cinnamon’s healing power.

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