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Do you ever discover a new craft or hobby and end up spending all your free time working on it? Well that is what has happened to me. This past weekend Noah and I paid a little visit to Jo-Ann.


Our original mission was to buy supplies for a project I am working on for the master bedroom. Well, we bought the supplies as well as a few other things we found as we accidentally strolled through the entire store. Does that happen to anyone else? Somehow we ended up in the crochet section looking at all the cute patterns for baby clothes. I just couldn’t resist and ended up buying a pattern book and hook.

All in all it wasn’t that expensive (under ten bucks) because I didn’t have to buy any yarn. I had some yarn on hand because my cousin sent the leftovers of hers that she used to make Noah a baby blanket. Which is adorable!

I found a pattern in the book that was labeled “Easy” and used one of the colors of yarn that I had. The book had a few instructional pictures so I figured I would have this thing down in no time. Wrong! Several hours into Friday night (real cool huh?) I had made little if any progress. One reason was because apparently instructions for crocheting are given in notations. Even after Googling, and watching YouTube I was still in the dark about some of them.

So, after much frustration I decided maybe I should start with something a little easier. A “Beginner” pattern (hang my head in shame). After a little searching on the web I found this so not cool pattern for a reusable gift bag. As boring as it was it did help me understand a few of the stitches a little better and feel like I was actually making progress.


Which finally led me to the decision to give the cute little sweater I was trying to make for Noah a second try. After carefully re-reading all the instructions again yesterday and giving the sweater a fresh start I can confidentially say I am making a little progress! Yay!

It’s still a long way from being finished (if that is even possible) but I do have several rows of stitching completed now and feel much better about all the time I have invested into it. So far I have really enjoyed the challenge of learning something new. Last night I even stayed up way past my bedtime and pinned all kinds of crochet patterns on Pinterest. If this sweater turns out successful I will have a fun new hobby.

Does anybody else crochet? If so tell me about it. I have a new appreciation for this art now. Or maybe you have another hobby that you are addicted to. What kind of craft do you love to spend your free time working on?

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