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We Bought a Goose!

Ok. Let me explain. Before you go thinking we have some feathered friends roaming around in our yard we didn’t buy an actual goose.  We did however buy a gooseneck faucet for our kitchen!kithen -03

And we are loving it.  I’m loving it because this was an upgrade that ML insisted on.  The man in him wanted a more powerful sprayer so that he could blast all the food off the plates with hardly any effort.  Let me tell you a little story.  Several years ago our faucet was leaking underneath the counter.  We called our handyman who fixed it for us… but he also took liberty and bought a new faucet and sprayer without consulting us first.  I mean come on!  He didn’t think we would care what it looked like?

counter-above1Yeah, it could have been worse but if we had planned on purchasing a new faucet and sprayer we sure wouldn’t have picked that one.  We lived with it though but never forgot the power behind our first sprayer.  Which lead us to this faucet purchase… our gooseneck faucet.  It completely elevates the level of sophistication for our kitchen.

kitchen -02

We tried to keep it real when we selected this faucet.  We wanted something functional (and powerful) but also something that would aesthetically work with our kitchen plus look like a nice upgrade for future resale purposes  We decided on the mid-priced Delta Savile Stainless 1-Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet available at Lowe’s.  It was just under two hundred books plus we used our Lowe’s credit card and a coupon to bring the price down even more.
kitchen -04 The sprayer is built into the faucet and retracts automatically and locks in place using a magnet.  I love how elegant it looks and how easy it is to use.  There is a button on the back of the pull down part that switches the water between the normal “hose” spray and “shower spray”… and it’s powerful.  ML loves it!

I was a little worried before we brought it home that it would stand too tall.  I didn’t want people to be able to see it from the street.  Even though it is tall it’s not visible from the street  because our house sits so high.  Plus, I kind of like it’s elegant stature now.  Maybe it’s just what our kitchen needed…. something elegant.kitchen -01I have to give Michael Luke the credit he deserves on this kitchen reno upgrade.  He really knew what would be best and i can’t help but think the next home owner will agree. 🙂  And another plus is that we didn’t let this guy sit around forever before installing him. ML worked on it one night the week after we bought it while I was putting the girls to sleep… yeah, that quick!

Ok, girls… what projects have your husbands insisted on that in the end you really loved?  Was it a backyard makeover?  A new paint color?  A change in the furniture configuration?  I want to know.

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