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Our In Between Yard

A few weeks ago the front of our yard went from this….

Exterior of Houseto this…exterior of house

It’s not really a before and after picture comparison but more of a before and sort-of in between comparison.

Let me explain.  You see ever since we moved into this house six years ago I have wanted to dig up the shrubs.  exterior of house

There was nothing wrong with them except for I just didn’t like them.  I didn’t like how much space they took up in our flower bed, how uniform they looked, and how common they are in landscaping.  Why do we feel the need to place shrubs along the exterior of our houses?

Michael Luke and I had talked about the situation on and off through the years but never really came to a solution. Until, this year!  We decided to dig up the shrubs, expand the flower bed, and create a stone patio with seating.  Obviously, we haven’t made it that far yet.

So far we Michael Luke dug up the shrubs and sent them to Memphis to be used in his brother’s yard.

front yardWhich means I am happy to report that no plants were harmed in the design part of this post. 🙂 Next, Michael Luke carved out the new outline for the flower bed and brought some chairs from the backyard to see spatially what everything will look like.

exterior of houseWe are really excited about this project and the mini break from working on the kitchen.  For years we have been wanting some sort of sitting area in the front yard.  We love our back yard area but you don’t really get a chance to meet your neighbors that way. Now, we will have a place to sit and watch Noah play and say “hello” to people as the walk by.  It should be pretty fun and hopefully in the end make our front yard look a little better.

Before we get to enjoy it though we still have a few steps to do:

  • buy rock
  • build up or new bed with a rock border
  • lay the patio
  • find some adirondack chairs for “Mommy and Daddy”
  • make some ice cream and cookies to eat while hanging out on our new patio 🙂

If everything goes as planned we should have this project wrapped up by the end of the month.  That’s hard to say though because I can’t really take credit for any of the work being done and finishing this project really depends on Michael Luke’s free time.

What Summer projects do you have going on?  Are you a fan of front porches/patios and getting to know your neighbors?  Or do you prefer to stay indoors where it’s cool?  Thankfully this Summer has been really mild in heat for us.  I wouldn’t want to sit outside in the middle of the day but I certainly would mind a little late afternoon relaxation spot.

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