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He Reigns

The Story

A major celebration is planned. One that would far out rival the Queen’s Jubilee or the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This celebration is for the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem had gathered to sing to, worship, and praise God.

Despite their committment to God and glorious celebration to Him near the end of the book we find that many of the Israelites had reverted back to their old ways. They had allowed the pagan foreigners to inhabit space in the temple and influenced their marriages and families. We find children not even able to speak their native tongue. The language The Law was told in.

Nehemiah returns angry and furious at what has become of the city. He clears the city of the unholy practices and people and redirects the Jews back to following God’s law and the importance of passing on His word to the next generation.

Nehemiah, like in all the previous circumstances finds himself in prayer before, after, and during addressing the Jews. In fact the book of Nehemiah ends in prayer.


The above concludes the last chapters of Nehemiah. This week we conclude our study of Nehemiah and Kelly Minter’s book Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break.

Kelly Minter, Transformed Deeper

Reading about the dedication of the wall was one of my favorite parts of Nehemiah. I can’t help but to picture the people singing Newsboys’ song He reigns.

Mainly I picture this song because every time I hear it it seems to give me a glimpse of heaven. Jerusalem is also a foreshadowing of heaven. The wall was built to protect the city that protected the temple that was the dwelling place of God. Rebuilding the wall was indeed reason for a celebration.

Like the Jews, someday as Christians we will live in a city protected by walls, with gates that will be impenetrable in the new Jerusalem where God will dwell eternally.

Remember us with favor, O our God Nehemiah 13: 31.

Kelly Minter states, “Because of Jesus, we are assured He will.”- Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break

Today’s post is short because instead of taking up your time with words I would much rather you catch a glimpse of heaven. Watch the music video above. If you don’t have four minutes and some change to spare at least skip to minute 2:52. That is my favorite part of the song.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey of studying Nehemiah! I have really enjoyed it. Many times been challenged and strengthened by God. The greatest take away for me from this entire study has been to let prayer be my first response. Bathe everything in prayer. The more I pray the more I find my heart braking for those around me.

What has been your greatest take away from this study? Do you have a particular song that to you is a glimpse of heaven? If so I would love to know what it is.

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