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Cut That Out

Last week, I mentioned that our kitchen counters had a story of their own.  A story I really could have done without but have tried to find the silver lining in it and have learned to be thankful for what I do have.  Ok… enough rambling and onto the story.

So back on January 7 our new kitchen counters came in.  ML left for work that morning so excited that when he came home there would be new counters. Counters that looked like this…


Formica 180FX Dolce Vita.

I was excited too and so pumped when the installers showed up on time and ready to work.  I had been a little nervous all morning because thoughts kept creeping in my head like… what if they ordered the wrong pattern?  Or what if it doesn’t look good.

Thankfully, the correct pattern was ordered.  Whew!  And thankfully they looked good amazing.  Amazing until the installers took my beautiful Dulce Vita counters outside to cut the sink cutout…. for a double bowl sink that I don’t have.  No double checking or measuring before cutting.  Nope. They just cut a big hole in my counter and then brought it inside only then to realize their mistake.  This was not very “sweet”.

kitchen dolce vita

I was heartbroken.  Michael Luke was at work but his response to the picture was, “That’s beautiful and hideous all at the same time.”  And it was the truth.  There was no fixing it because the hole extended over my junk drawer (does everyone have one of those) and my utensil drawer.

The installers felt pretty bad about their mistake so I didn’t give them a hard time.  Even though for a minute or two I wanted to scream at them.  Especially when one of the guys said that it would only take about a week to get a new counter in.

A week!  These took six weeks because they were special ordered.

After the damage was done they left promising to return in a few weeks with my new counters for a single bowl sink.  They left.  They left without putting my existing counter back on and reinstalling my sink.  Was I supposed to just take a break from cooking until my new counters came in?  I’ll answer that one for you. NO!

Thankfully, ML stopped by Lowe’s on his way home the next day and explained to them what had happened with pictures for evidence.  They apologized and promised to send someone back out to fix me a temporary solution until my new Dolce Vita counters came in.  The guy they sent was really nice.  He reinstalled my old counter and sink and commended me on being patient the past couple of days… more patient than his wife would have been.   I was thankful to at least have a sink and dishwasher back in working order.  Especially, since I had been using my half bath sink for cooking and washing dishes for the past several days.  That experience reminded me that I should be thankful that I have kitchen with running water and a dishwasher.  That I don’t have to walk miles everyday just to find fresh water.  That here in America we really do live the life of luxury.

Yesterday, Lowe’s brought my new counters for the second time.  I’m pretty sure they triple measured them before cutting them this go around.  Everything went smoothly and now I can’t wait to get the kitchen back in order and show you the true reveal pictures of our kitchen with our new Formica 180FX Dolce Vita counters.

Have you had any projects go not as expected recently?  Has a mishap in one of your projects reminded you what you have to be thankful for?  Or maybe you are just thankful that yours always goes smoothly because any other way would just be horrible.  Haha!

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