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Curing vs. Drying

Here’s the deal… originally I planned to share today how I painted my kitchen cabinets.  Before I share the steps I used I want to make sure I am completely satisfied with the end result of my cabinets.  I mean what’s the point in me sharing my method if there is a better way of getting the job done?

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In the meantime I ran across some pretty cool information about latex paint that I just have to share with you guys!

So what is this nifty little piece of paining info you ask?

That there is a difference between a latex paint’s drying time and curing time.  I knew this was true for oil paints but I had no clue that latex paint was the same way until I read some really great articles on it here and here.

So what is the difference?  Well, one of the advantages of latex paint over oil paint is that it dries super fast.  Sometimes in minutes but for the most part it is dry to the touch in an hour.  That’s pretty quick.  Even after latex paint is dry to the touch it still needs a few hours to really dry before applying new coats.  In the case of painting my kitchen cabinets where I used Sherwin Williams SuperPaint it was four hours between coats.

But here’s what I didn’t know.  Even four hours after the last coat of paint is applied the paint maybe dry but it is still curing.  Curing is the time it takes for latex to become durable and harden. Curing is the process my cabinets are still in because curing can take two to four weeks and can sometimes be even longer.  During this time it is easier for paint to nick or chip because the latex hasn’t completely adhered to the cabinets.  So I have been trying to be extra careful when putting away pots and pans but have still managed to chip the paint in a few minor places.  Thankfully, my paint supplies are still handy so I have been able to touch up the occasional accident.

My cabinets still need another two weeks before they will be completely cured.  After that I hope to be able to confidently share the steps I used to paint our cabinets.

Before today did you know the curing time was different than the drying time for latex paint?  Do you know any other cool info about latex paint?  Or maybe just any other random bits of information in general.

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