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Christmas 2011: Mantel Decor

As I was brainstorming on how to decorate the mantel, I came across this amazing sale!  Everything was free and mine for the taking!  Amazing right?  Where was this sale?  My house… I shopped every room in the house and the attic for these great deals.

I do want to thank Michael Luke for bringing all the boxes of Christmas decorations down from the attic for me to look at.  We have a lot of great decorations, but as I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to keep things fairly simple this year.  Whatever I put up, I also have to take down.  That just doesn’t sound too appealing with a newborn on my hands.
And here is what I came up with…

I normally use the two trees with lights outside by our front door.  The wind knocks them down repeatedly though.  So I decided to save a little trouble and use them inside.  Michael Luke and I share a stocking.  He gets the space in the toes, and I get the leg!  HaHa, just kidding.  My mom made it for us as a wedding present.

I set a plate out for Santa and a mug with a packet of cappuccino.  I heard from a reliable source that he likes cappuccino (and chocolate chip cookies)!

I used the traditional red and green colors.  Turns out I don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations that are red, so I improvised.

For instance, the flower painting I pulled from another room.  Michael Luke painted it on a date with me at Sips n Strokes.  He did pretty good, didn’t he?  The nutcracker adds balance with the quotation on the other side of the painting.

I also pulled the glass red purse from another room, and the ornaments are the remaining ones after I finished the dining table (here).  The purse reminds me of all the holiday parties!

I found the little green trees at a yard sale a couple of years ago for fifty cents each!  They have made an appearance every year since.   I think I have gotten my money out of them.

I love placing the manger up high on the mantel.  Next year, I might place it lower though.  So Noah can see it.

The miniature tree is left over from Michael Luke’s college days.  It works well on the mantel though.

I think it turned out well to be such a quick transformation.

We don’t have Noah’s stocking up yet because my mom is making one for her.  I’ll have to post an updated picture once I get hers.

Next task… the tree.  Then, we will be all decorated for Christmas!  Has anybody else procrastinated like us in putting the tree up?

FYI:  Not sure if the cappuccino will make it until Christmas.  It’s pretty tempting, especially since this blast of Arctic weather came through.


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Fall Mantel, White Pumpkins

This weekend I took a little break from the nursery and added some fall decor downstairs.  It’s funny how sometimes the smallest changes really refresh an area and make you fall (no pun intended) in love with it all over again.

One of the areas I worked on this past weekend was our mantel.  I wanted it to be able to last thru both October and November.  So that ruled out any Halloween decorations.  My goal was also to try to shop for most of the decorations within our house (keeps the cost down).  So I turned to my great friend Pinterest for inspiration.  Who else loves Pinterest?

Images found here, here, and here.

I am not even sure if this is a mantel, but I love all the white used in it.  Using the same color over and over again really ties everything together.  The white also helps all the fall colors to contrast with the already warm toned wall behind it.

Another great use of white.  I am sure she already had the decorations around the house.  The use of milk glass really got my mind working.  I don’t have any, but I do have some orange carnival glass and considered doing something similar with it.

This also works as a simple, inexpensive fall mantel.  Add a few pumpkins and use vases to fill with dried grass or flowers.

Here’s what I ended up with!

Like the inspiration pictures, I tried to tie everything together with color by using white pumpkins and white candles.  The use of white really helps to create contrast with the wall.   I also feel like it adds sophistication to the whole arrangement.

The first thing I did was grab a few pieces around the house that I thought might work.  Then each piece sort of had auditions to see if it would make the final cut (unfortunately some were “the weakest link… goodbye”).   Since I have a good deal of wall space above the mantel, the first obstacle I tackled was the height issue.  The metal artwork, vase, and candle stand all work to extend the eye upwards.

I was already using this serving tray, pottery and smaller vase on the mantel.  While they weren’t technically screaming “Fall”, they are earth tones that work well when paired with leaves and an ornamental pumpkin.

The sequined “S” my sister made for us as a housewarming gift.  I really like the pop of gold it adds to the mantel.   Every area should have a little bling.  I also paired leaves with this hurricane vase with green glass rocks in it to create balance with the orange on the other side of the mantel.

I have learned that the least expensive flower arrangements are the ones that come out of your own yard.  We have this lovely basil growing in our yard.  Since it is the end of the season for it, I clipped a few pieces and placed them in the vase.

The pumpkins are the only things I purchased.  I found them at our local produce store for around $10 total.  I didn’t think that was too bad since it was all I spent on decorations.

I am really pleased with how well it turned out.  My eyes feel automatically drawn to the fire place while in the living room for the simple reason it’s something different.  I know I will enjoy our mantel this fall and feel like it will carry all the way through Thanksgiving!

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