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Serving and Spoiling

Last week, I took a little break from blog reading and commenting. Noah and I spent the week at my parents’ house back in Mississippi while Michael Luke went to the Dominican Republic on a medical mission trip with a group from Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama (CMMA).

I really wish Noah and I could have gone with ML to the DR. We thought about it for a few minutes but decided it would be quite challenging with Noah still nursing and needing a couple of good naps a day. So we decided to stay behind this year. I have gone in years past, and even though I can’t help medically, I have had fun helping with the children’s ministry and evangelism.

For the second time, ML went as a physical therapist provider. Which basically means he went as a licensed physical therapist and had a few students working under him. This trip was a little different than in years past because instead of doctors, nurses, med school students, physical therapy students, and physical therapist, it was just the PT students, PTs and a doctor. So instead of going out into the villages and setting up clinics like we have in the past, they got to go to a local hospital and nursing home.

Hopefully, ML will be able to share more about that later. I know he had a great time, and it is always such a blessing to visit with the people there and have the opportunity to offer physical healing as well as spiritual healing. He had a great time (besides the last night when he fell off the top bunk and busted his head on the porcelain tile floor) and is already looking forward to the next trip (possibly with Noah and me).


Noah got to swim in the pool for the first time. Well technically, it was more like sit in a float and be pushed around the pool. But she kicked her legs the whole time she was in her little float. She just might be a natural swimmer… who knows?

She definitely rocked the polka dotted sunglasses and hat though.


We also went as my mom’s guests to her end of the year garden club party.

It was a Southern women’s version of a picnic in an old barn turned entertaining area with lots of chicken salad to eat. Yum!

Thankfully, ML’s parents got to come visit one night. They were so excited to see her… especially since she is getting really mobile creeping all over the floor (apparently this is the belly crawl before the official crawl).

My parents made numerous trips with Noah in the wagon up and down the driveway.

It’s amazing how much that thrilled her. There might have to be a wagon in our future here in B’ham. And after we saw how much she loved the wagon, my mom and I took her to the mall so that she could ride the train. I can’t say that was ever on my list of things to do… but having a baby with you in a small train circling the inside of a mall definitely helps bring the coolness factor up a little.

Later in the week, we went to visit my grandparents where we were fed like kings and queens. I mean stuffed! And since I have practically zero will power, I pigged out on the cake and ice cream after eating two helpings of lunch! Thankfully, I weighed myself yesterday, and I didn’t gain any weight from all the overeating I did (it was a lot).

So even though we missed ML a lot, we had lots of fun this past week. What did you do this past week/weekend? Any big Memorial Day plans? Ours were pretty laid back. Do you have any mission trips planned for this summer?

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Free Labor

I hope  you are all having a wonderful Labor Day.  Michael Luke and I hope to get busy today working on a few projects for the nursery.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime I wanted to share a little more about our mission trip to Seattle last month.

I shared pictures of the houses in the neighborhood we visited in this post.  A group of nine went from The Church at Brook Hills to help with a church plant, The Hallows Church.  Moved by a burden for the vast majority of people in Seattle that have not heard the gospel, the pastor Andrew Arthur, his wife Kim, and daughter Delaney relocated from Birmingham, AL earlier this year to start The Hallows Church.  I believe there is only between 3% and 5% of people in Seattle who profess to be Christian.  I would expect the actual numbers to be lower than that because as we were talking to people there, we discovered that just like in Alabama claiming to be a Christian or growing up going to church doesn’t mean you truly understand the gospel and what it means to follow Christ.

Our job for the week was to be the hands and feet of the church…  to go out into the Wallingford/Fremont communities and engage the people who live there.  We wanted to determine what they liked about the community, what (if any) immediate needs they had, and possibly what they believed.  One of the ways we did this was by taking an afternoon and dispersing out into the community.

Michael Luke and I decided to visit several shops around the Wallingford Center and talk to the owners while we browsed.  Fortunately, we had a great conversation starter (my pregnancy) and were able to find several children’s consignment shops.  I kinda felt like a secret shopper!  People in Seattle are quite open in sharing what they believe and many are able to tell you why they believe what they do.  They generally are not offended if you believe something different than them, but are of the mindset what works for you may not work for them.

Another great opportunity we had to meet people was helping with a block party that week.  As I mentioned earlier, we were the hands and feet of the church for the week.  Loosely translated it means “free labor”.  Our task for the block party was preparing over 300 kabobs and some of our guys cooking them that night.

She sliced and diced crates of onions and never shed a tear!  Absolutely amazing!

While it was a ton of work, we also had a blast and a great turn out.  One of the guys from The Hallows Church hosted the block party in his neighborhood.  The neighborhood was so excited to have the opportunity to get together and hang out.   One older man had lived their 67 years and mentioned there had never been a block party before.  Several of the neighbors brought appetizers or sides to go with the kabobs.  While we cooked and served, it gave members of the church a chance to talk to their neighbors,  get to know them, and tell them about the church plant.  Since then, a small group Bible study has also been started in this neighborhood.

This is the excellent site where we set up the block party… basically the median of the road so passerby’s could stop if they wanted.

These are just a few of the things we did while in Seattle.  While this may seam like an unconventional mission trip because we didn’t spend hardly any time sharing the gospel, that was not our goal.  Our desire was to build relationships and find out what people were looking for in the community, so The Hallows Church could in return hopefully meet some of those needs and over time have a chance to share the gospel.  We were just there to scatter a few seeds.  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to help out Andrew and The Hallows Church.

P.S.- We had Friday afternoon free and went to downtown Seattle.  Michael Luke and I visited the Farmer’s Market and the original Starbucks, and I wanted to share a few of those pictures.


The original logo.

It’s really a cramped little place.  No seating… just grab your drink and go!

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Seattle Bungalow Weakness

This month I made my first trip to Seattle, WA.  Michael Luke and I went on a mission trip with The Church at Brook Hills to help a church plant, The Hallows Church.  I had never been to Seattle, so I didn’t know what to expect… except for maybe rain.  I was amazed at the beauty of the city, great weather, and sunshine we got to enjoy while there.

As a pregnant girl in the South this summer, it was so nice to leave our 100 degree temps behind for a few days and enjoy highs in the 70’s all week.  Amazing!  We did a lot of walking (prayer walking / hanging door hanger surveys) in the Wallingford community.  I couldn’t help but take pictures as we walked through.  Almost all the houses were bungalows (my absolute most favorite style of house).  I mean these are my dream houses… nothing too big but packed with personality.


Painting in the street at an intersection. This was a lady bug in the center of a flower. This would certainly cheer your morning commute up.



All the houses have the most beautiful flowers. I love how everything looks like it grew there naturally. So effortless looking.


Weren’t those just charming?  I would especially love a front porch like the one above.   I could spend plenty of Saturday afternoons out there reading.

One thing I wanted to mention is that two days while we were there we hung and collected door hanger surveys in this community.  I was responsible for about 120 houses.   Take note of the steps on almost every house pictured.  Those really start to add up while carrying an extra load!  I did survive though.

I hope to post more about the trip soon.

Do any of y’all have a favorite style house?

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