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Avoiding Feeling Trapped

Oh, wow! This past weekend was exhausting.  After spending two days ripping up all the flooring downstairs I felt like my body was ready for a bikini contest.  I’m pretty sure I found muscles I didn’t even know I had… like upper back muscles and ab muscles on the side of my torso.

Michael Luke was in charge of ripping up the parquet and ceramic tile flooring with the stripper we rented for the weekend.  It totally cracked me up that we had a stripper in our house for the weekend!


My job was taking out load after load after load of flooring to the dumpster. This involved shoveling it into the wheelbarrow and then slinging large chunks of flooring in the dumpster a little at time.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never done so much physical labor in one day before.  Which probably explains why I feel like I should have a six pack of abs and sculpted arms by now.


Thankfully, we aren’t doing all this work on our own.  Over the past couple of weeks there have been construction guys knocking down and opening up walls left and right.  It’s amazing how in such a short time the house has transformed.

Whistle Haven was built in 1979. Apparently way back when you had guests over and the only room your friends might get to visit was your dining room because you had the ability to close the room off and leave them feeling trapped.

Originally there was a wall separating the entry from the dining.  Guests could then enter through the door into the dining room and there was another door that could close the kitchen off.

The bright side about a floorplan layout like this is that you didn’t have to spend hours cleaning the house for company to come over. Just straighten up the dining room and your ready to have friends and family over.
It wasn’t quite the look and feel I wanted Whistle Haven to have though so we opened up the walls on both sides of the room with over 10′ of encased openings!

I knew immediately the first day that I walked in and saw all this open space that Whistle Haven was going to be everything I envisioned in my head.

The dining room feels huge now… because it is. We have plans for a table that will seat 8-10 people!  In the coming weeks new flooring will be installed, walls finished and repainted, and new light fixtures added.  It’s going to be so much fun to look back and see how much our home has transformed over just a couple of months.

Later I’ll share what we’ve done to the rest of the house because this is just the beginning of gutting almost the entire downstairs of Whistle Haven.  In the meantime I want to hear what your favorite lighting for the dining room is.  Crystal chandelier? Faux candles on wooden beams? Sleek modern fixtures? Or long horizontal fixtures floating above the table?

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