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Blogging 101

The title may be a little misleading.  This is not a post of “How to Blog” or “The Secret to Blogging”, instead this is a post celebrating my 101st post.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year and I realize that some people reach the 101st post milestone way ahead of me but it has been so much fun.  Generally, I try to blog twice a week (three times right now because of the Nehemiah study).  I would love to go all “Young House Love” on you and blog consitently every day but honestly that’s just not gonna happen with me.  Between taking care of Noah, cooking and cleaning, reading and commenting on other blogs, and completing projects to actually blog about two posts is really pushing it for me.

To celebrate this milestone I thought I would look back at some of the posts and projects from the past year.

Start the projector…

Noah’s Nursery

Starting out as a guest bedroom/office, Noah’s room received a complete makeover.  We  kicked off the transformation by painting the walls and then adding a crib, chair, and changing table/dresser.  Want to know how we painted the dresser?  Check out this post.  And in case we didn’t have enough color I made a hot pink clothespin starburst mirror for above the changing table. We also scored a great deal on this fabric and used it as curtains, crib skirt, and for the office chair we repainted.  My sister painted the custom painting for above the crib and I got a little crafty and made the butterfly mobile.  After receiving so many books we brought a little order to the book shelves by arranging the books by color and adding colorful boxes for storage.  To add a little more personality to the room I added a Cabbage Patch Doll lamp I made back in college and colorful poms for above the book case.

Noah’s Birth Story

In this Thankful Thursday post I shared my experience of going into labor while still at work, a strange craving for chicken noodle soup, and why I finally broke down for an epidural.

Dining Room Table Makeover: Our Fifth Anniversary Gift

We gave new life to an old beat up Duncan Phyfe table we found at a yard sale for twenty bucks.  I made my own chalk paint and turned the top into a chalkboard!  Now our table really does change with the seasons.

Kitchen Renovation Moodboard

kitchen, art

Using this piece of artwork as a basis for our new kitchen design led us to this inspiration board.

My Sunshine Kitchen

Now we have begun the slow process of transforming our kitchen… starting with purchasing a new rug.


Backyard: Planter Transformation

Working with what I had I gave my old plastic planters a facelift using a little spray paint.

Looking back I guess we really have accomplished a lot in the past 100 posts. Hopefully, the next 100 will be productive!  I have enjoyed sharing with y’all along the way and really appreciate all the encouraging comments.  Thanks for being such great readers!

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She wore a Raspberry Beret

So we finally decided to give the office side of the nursery some love.  The black desk worked perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the room, but the desk chair just stuck out like a sore thumb.

(This picture is from way back… pre-curtains and dresser.)

Since in all practicality it still worked, I wasn’t going to go out and buy a new chair.  Instead, I decided to shop from my own furniture supply.

A few years back, we bought a Duncan Phyfe dining room table (more about it later) and two chairs.  The chairs had seen better days.  But they were thrown in for a dollar, so how could I refuse?  I had plans to refinish them but never got around to it.  So I decided to use one as a desk chair.  When I say “use one,” I really mean combine the two seen-better-days chairs into one complete reupholstered and painted chair.

This is what we started out with.

And here are the supplies we needed:

  • foam for a new seat cushion
  • spray paint (Krylon Indoor/Outdoor, Gloss, Color: Raspberry)
  • fabric (To tie the chair into the rest of the room, I used some leftover fabric from the crib skirt and curtains.)
  • staple gun
  • sanding block (so much better than sand paper)

The first step was to remove the existing seat from the chair.  Then remove the fabric and batting.

After removing all the staples, I found there were two layers of fabric and this “lovely” batting.  It made me want to sanitize my hands and hold my breath.

Meanwhile, Michael Luke was sanding the chair and adding a dowel rod for support between the chair legs.  Originally, there was support here, but it was missing… so we improvised.

He filled in some places, but we left a lot of the dents and scratches on the chair to give it a little antique character.

I really can’t take any credit for the rest of the project.  Michael Luke was kind enough to finish it.

We decided to go with a raspberry color for the chair instead of pink.  Thought it would give the chair a little sophistication and add another pop of color to the room.  I don’t think I can add anymore color though, or the whole room will be popping!

Here is the chair after one coat of spray paint.

I’ll go ahead and admit one of our mistakes.  We should have primed the chair.  I didn’t think we would need to, since the chair and paint both had red undertones, but we ended up having to add several layers of paint to mask the colors of the wood underneath.

It ended up covering well though.

We wanted to add a new cushion to the chair since the old batting had collected enough dust to fill up a Dyson canister.  The cushion we bought was square, which meant it fit perfect in length but needed to be adjusted in width.  Thankfully, trimming the excess off of the back and placing on the front worked perfectly!

After securing the foam cushion to the old plywood seat with a little packaging tape, the chair was ready for fabric.  Michael Luke used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat.

I think the chair ended up looking great!  It’s hard to believe it is even the same chair.  Isn’t it amazing what a little paint will do?  Have you used spray paint to perform any miracles on your old furniture?

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Bursting With Pink

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to make a starburst mirror for above the changing table.  (here)  Well, I finally decided on what type of starburst mirror I wanted and found some free time to make it with help from Michael Luke.

I really liked the idea of using clothespins since it hangs above a changing table.  I wanted them to pop though, so we (Michael Luke) painted them hot pink.  Did I shock anybody by actually choosing pink?  I’m not completely against it… this is just a minimal amount used and in a very saturated tone of pink.  Plus, it really pops on the dark wall with the blue letters above it.  I think it was the right color choice.

The starburst mirror was easy to make and only required a few supplies:

  • round mirror (mine is a 12″)
  • clothespins
  • spray paint
  • hot glue
  • wall hanger
FYI:  Clothespins are not carried at the craft stores or in the craft department at Wal-Mart.  However, they can be found in the laundry section of Wal-Mart.  While this seems like an obvious place to look, let’s just say it wasn’t the first place I checked.
The first step is to paint the clothespins.  Michael Luke did the painting for me, since when we started this project I was still pregnant.  I wish I had taken a picture of this step.  He used an old (large) cardboard box and clipped the clothespins onto it.  By doing this he was able to paint the clothespins on all sides.  He ended up having to flip all of the clothespins over, resting them upside down along the edges of the box, to apply one final coat to the noses of the pins.  That way, no wood would show up in the mirror.  It took 2-3 light coats of spray paint… so buy a full size can.  (We didn’t.)
Next,  I positioned all the clothespins on the mirror before gluing to make sure the spacing would be even.
Don’t you just love my hands in the mirror?  It was the only way I could take it straight on.
Next, I removed the clothespins one at a time, applied some hot glue to the inside of the clothespin and then reattached it to the mirror.  I did learn it was best to apply the glue to the side of the clothespin that grips the back of the mirror.  This way it won’t matter if any seeps out from underneath.
After all the clothespins were glued, I flipped it over and attached a wall hanger to two clothespins.  It’s really light in weight, so it doesn’t matter that it isn’t attached to the mirror itself.  I just hot glued it on.
So in just a few short steps (the painting wasn’t really that short), I had a starburst mirror for above the changing table.
So I’m really happy to finally have this finished.  The blue monogramed letters ended up looking great above the mirror.  We tried to mimic the curves of the mirror with the placement of the letters.
I am also loving the dresser as a changing table.  (more about it here)  I keep her diapers and clothes in the drawers.  It makes everything within easy reach for when I have her on the changing pad.  We would like to find some type of basket to store everything in on top of the dresser, but we haven’t found “the one” yet.
The nursery/office is almost complete.  I can’t believe it!  Soon I will share before and after photos, so you can see the complete transformation this room has undergone.
FYI: There is a hint in the pictures of what the next blog post will be about.  Did anyone catch it?
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